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Wormholes Observation/Question

qazymanqazyman Member Posts: 1,785

 I've had a character roaming through Wormholes for several days. I saw a fairly large battle in a C5 system. I think a WH corp came in, whoever they were, they took out a large control tower that seemed fairly well defended.  After they left, I was stuck in the system, scanning for a place to go.

I noticed something.

On two occasions, while scanning, I've seen a new signature pop up, scanned it down, warped to it and jumped through, both times there has been a rookie scanning ship on the other side.

I'm not new this mechanic, but this drove it home. The C5 appears to have two statics, one to a C6 and one to Null. The WH's  I saw pop up came into being when a players warped to them after scanning them down. I realize this brings a question of timing into play, but I think the players warped to these WH's, and were deciding whether to enter in a standard frigate.

If I understand this correctly, I'm scanning in this C5 and get the static signatures, and any signatures that are caused by other people warping to a signature they have scanned down. If they don't warp to the signature, I don't see it pop up in the C5.

This leads me to two question.

If someone is in one of those static C6 or Null systems, will they see the C5 if I don't warp to the signature? Does the mechanic work for all WH's?

Also, is there any way to determine anything about a signature before you warp to it? Is it all or nothing? You have no idea where it may lead unless you open it to the other side?

Thanks for reading, just my thoughts after a few day trolling WH space.

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