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Are you european and paragon 300+? Then this might be for you

LigiLigi Member UncommonPosts: 119

OHP was born to give mature and 300+ paragon players a place to easily get a group with other like minded and great players.


Are you a old school mmorpg player that came from EQ, UO or Eve? Then this is the place for you, this clan wont cater for kids and doods that don’t have a clue about being social and polite.


Here you will be able to easily group with great players for split runs, farm, rifts, bounties, hardcore playing, etc.

We don’t aim high numbers on our rooster unless all members are great, we give priority to quality but making sure that all members can easily find a group inside our clan .


If sometimes you don't feel like grouping and like to just solo, this clan will respect your choice and nobody will press you to group, just don't tick the “quick-join” option in game and you are set.

The joining process is simple, just request a invite in game if you are paragon 300+ and most importantly if you are a mature player . Don't need TS, or register on any site.


To apply send friend request to: Raiosparta#2581

Cya in Diablo!

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