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[EU] Digital Legion [Dominion] [PVEPVP] [Hazak]

Hudsonlv426Hudsonlv426 Member Posts: 21



We are not your average gaming community! We have 10 years experience, over a multitude of games/ servers; and with a strong healthy playerbase, we are now gearing up and getting set to make Nexus our new home.?
About us

Founded on June 4th 2003, in the original MMOFPS; Planetside, under our original name, The 58th Marine Corp (The Wildcards), we fought for the New Conglomerate on the Werner server. As an outfit, we experienced fantastic success; having one of the most organised and skilled player base in the game and at our peak we were a leading force in the formation and management of the NC Werner Alliance (NCWA).

Since Planetside we have played countless games as a community, from the Battlefield Series to Call of Duty, from League of Legends to World of Warcraft (where we ran under the name solar Noctis on Daggerspine before moving to kazzak), we always shine. We were a forced to be reckoned with in Warhammer Online and countless other MMO's, most recently Star Wars: The Old Republic and Guild Wars 2. We even returned to our roots in Planetside 2, restarting a server-wide NC alliance, and acting as siege-breakers, tank platoons and specialised infantry.

When we are not out ruling the MMO world, we like to kick back with games of SMITE, DayZ, Starbound, and whatever else takes our fancy!

What we are looking for

  • 18+ Age requirement
  • Though we will be taking raiding and pvp seriously to a certain degree, over the years we have learnt to know when to have a laugh and when to get the job done. Ultimately, a friendlyand happy enviroment is paramount to dl*, we are looking for the gamers who want to enjoy everything Wildstar, but not at the cost of someone else's enjoyment.
  • We will be aiming to complete all raid and dungeon content within Wildstar, as well as having a strong presence on the PvP scene.
  • We're primarily a northern European outfit, with members mostly
    from the UK and Sweden, however we do have members from all over Europe
    and a few from the USA too. We're a diverse community of like-minded
    gamers with members from all walks of life, and all ages.

What we can offer
  • Friendly, fun mature Guild with over 10 years experience of playing together. We even organise LANs for our community!
  • Professional and rewarding with regards to raids, Dungeons, and PvP, while understanding that real life comes first.
  • Unlimited Mumble Voice server
  • First-class website, supporting a multitude of games.
  • Once a Member you can jump into many of the countless games dl* plays on a daily basis.
  • The best community of gamers the Web has to offer in all genres.

Code of Conduct

Digital Legion has a few core values, that apply to all our members and are expected of all recruits:


Simple really; don't be a d*ck.


Baseless criticism and the "law of because I say so" do not apply in Digital Legion. We dislike those who make basless accusations against others and deal with those who do, quickly.

Maintain the Reputation of dl*:

When members play games wearing the dl* tags they are representing the Digital Legion community as a whole. Being established in PS1, PS2 and playing many MMO's we realise how important an outfits reputation is in , more the most other games and so we take a zero tolerance stance against spammers, griefers and cheap tactics. We play to win, but not by ruining the experience for everyone else. Put simply, if a dl* member is being a d*ck, they should be prepared for the consequences - our officers don't screw around and if someone is causing a problem and won't listen to reason then they can expect to be kicked quickly.

Sounds like something I'd like to be a part in - where do I sign up?

Head on over to our website


Please register in the forums and post your application as per the template in the applications forum! An officer will approve your post and wait for the welcomes to roll in! Members from other guilds are also welcome to join in the discussion on our website!


  • Hudsonlv426Hudsonlv426 Member Posts: 21
    Great weekend of dungeon runs looking very promising for release.
  • Hudsonlv426Hudsonlv426 Member Posts: 21
    On launch we will be rolling on Hazak
  • obliter8obliter8 Member Posts: 5
    What m'learned colleague has failed to mention is that if you search for Digital Legion on Facebook or Twitter (@_DigitalLegion) or even Steam, you can keep up with all the most important news about us, track events and generally enjoy our community!
  • Hudsonlv426Hudsonlv426 Member Posts: 21
    Final night of open beta has been a good run got to test and complete all low level dungeons and seriously over indulged in bg's cant wait for launch.
  • Hudsonlv426Hudsonlv426 Member Posts: 21
    dl* Wildstar growing stronger by the day  :)
  • Hudsonlv426Hudsonlv426 Member Posts: 21

    Hopefully final Realm server lists to be announced soon fingers crossed.

  • Hudsonlv426Hudsonlv426 Member Posts: 21
    Server name's should be released today update soon.
  • Hudsonlv426Hudsonlv426 Member Posts: 21
    With the final release of server names Hazak Eu-PvP is to continue to be our home.
  • Hudsonlv426Hudsonlv426 Member Posts: 21
    Less than 24 hours!"!!!
  • obliter8obliter8 Member Posts: 5
    We are all a-quiver. Energy drinks deployed, beers deployed, snak-ems deployed. Roll on 8am UK time :)
  • Hudsonlv426Hudsonlv426 Member Posts: 21
    Hopefully this week will see Hazak start  finding it's feet.
  • Hudsonlv426Hudsonlv426 Member Posts: 21
    dl* is fully setup on Contagion and getting set to start rolling out the events.
  • Hudsonlv426Hudsonlv426 Member Posts: 21
    dl* closing the gap for gearing for the first raid wont be long now :)
  • Hudsonlv426Hudsonlv426 Member Posts: 21
    Ready your armour, Sharpen those swords, polish those guns! it's another dungeon run extravaganza this Friday :)
  • Hudsonlv426Hudsonlv426 Member Posts: 21
    <div id="forum-post-body-19" forum-post-body="" u-typography-format="" text"="" itemprop="text">

    Deadly Dungeon Friday 50 Gear Farm event

    27/6/14 8pm BST

    Signups on the forum.


  • Hudsonlv426Hudsonlv426 Member Posts: 21
    Big push this week for gearing up for raids multiple runs planned for vet adventures.
  • obliter8obliter8 Member Posts: 5
    Looking forward to the 'Big House in the Sky' Guild Housing competition this Friday!  There's some fantastic creativity on show (and waaaay too much phat Plat spent!).
  • obliter8obliter8 Member Posts: 5
    The My Little House in the Sky compo resulted in some awesome entries!  See the finalists on the facebook page
  • Hudsonlv426Hudsonlv426 Member Posts: 21
    Warplot currently under construction please form an orderly que and await your imminent demise.
  • Hudsonlv426Hudsonlv426 Member Posts: 21
    Currently looking for more friendly active tanks as well as other friendly folk.
  • Hudsonlv426Hudsonlv426 Member Posts: 21
    Just SwordMaiden left on the attunement process then onto the world bosses. not long now :)
  • Hudsonlv426Hudsonlv426 Member Posts: 21
    dl* still going strong and always on the lookout for fun filled people to complete are uber raid lineup :)
  • Hudsonlv426Hudsonlv426 Member Posts: 21
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    dl* back in the fight and back on Hazak!

  • Hudsonlv426Hudsonlv426 Member Posts: 21
    Digital legion is ceasing activity within wildstar if you are interested still in joining our community then please still do apply but there will be no guild within WS.
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