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Politics on PvP servers...?

Pratt2112Pratt2112 Member UncommonPosts: 1,636

Hi all,

So, I've been seriously considering re-installing TERA and giving it another shot. I'd like to start anew on a PvP server, though. I played up to about 4 levels shy of level cap on a PvE server and literally couldn't grind another point of xp. It was agonizing.

When I've thought about coming back in the past, the thought of that grind is what kept me from doing it. But then it occurred to me that I played Lineage 2 - during its early days, most consistently from C3 on. That game's grind made TERA's look like a walk in the park. Yet I never got tired of it. I never got bored. I was wondering about this.. why the extreme grind in L2 never phased me, but the xp grind in TERA made me bleed from my eyesockets.

The only thing I can think of is because L2's environment was a full-on world PvP setup. There was always the danger of other players coming around to mess with you, so it kept you on your toes and aware.

Now, what also made it fun in L2 - and I don't know how well this has panned out in TERA - was that there was an awesome sense of "team pride" in L2. The typical attitude of most clans was "you screw with our members,  unprovoked, and you'll deal with all of us".  I have myriad stories of being ganked by someone in L2 and having half a dozen members of my clan come out to hunt the attackers down, etc. Even with a PvE-focused clan I was in, if one of their own was being attacked, they'd show up to help them out - win or lose.

I think it was that sense of cameraderie, as well as the ever-fluid, ever-changing server politics that made it so exciting. The xp grind became almost a backdrop to it all, and I think that's why it was never an issue in that game, despite being a much harsher grind.

Now... I don't know how it is in TERA by comparison. I do remember the world PvP rules being a bit different in TERA... a bit more lax/forgiving on those who attack other players. I don't know if that's changed or not since I last played (maybe 1.5 -2 years ago or so? Been a while).

Anyway.. I'm curious. For those who are active in-game, and play on a PvP server, what's the atmosphere like? Is there active clan/player politics? Are there rivalries and wars going on, etc? How is the sense of clan/guild cameraderie? Anything like I described in L2?

Thanks :)

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