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PVE and PVP Balance Suggestions?

Understand this is discussed a lot , dunno if the following has been brought up , but here's a couple of cents worth...

How about a game that has the following,

Professions (NOT AREAS ) clearly that are designated PVE or PVP, with associated bonus points etc.


PVE = gathering and trading

Why not give PVE designated players the ability to hire AI for set durations (either guards/mercs or offline players).

Good way for offline players to earn some. (helps the economy perhaps).

The more you spend the better are your guards.

AI guards/helpers cannot initiate attacks obviously but can respond.

Give them an option to summon perhaps for those who prefer a bit of solo'in and can put up with a possible gank.

If you are taken down while having AI assist, you drop a percentage of your resources.


PVP = crafting

PVP crafting lets you stat bonus as usual.

Combat points helps you hone skills, can earn those in AI mode (offline) if hired by a PVE'er.

Dying while initiating attacks can cost you in gear. You drop the lowest equipped gear item.


Don't think any game should have a policing system, that's just plain silly, just invest in better AI to balance the lot out.

Obviously the word 'Balance' is easier said than done....that's why you need a few logical minds rather than marketing ones that drive design.

Last , in my humble op. if you can convert currency to game time and vice versa, and then make it a tradable commodity, it might make for a very interesting game. (good graphics or not).




  • -Zeno--Zeno- Member CommonPosts: 1,298


    Crafting and selling is PVP (beat other players prices).

    Grouping and doing instances in WoW is PVP (who can do the most DPS, heal better, tank better).

    Arenas and other PVP activities is PVP.

    The more you restrict PVP in a game the less of a MMORPG it is.

    Darkfall is that perfect balance with PVP.  It even has FULL LOOT on top of an open world.  They also have dyes in the game now.  Not bad for a company with only a handfull of developers.  Anyone can try it this weekend too.



    The definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

  • Make 2 Different games in one frame.

    Althought i dislike PvP with a passion, there are some possible approaches.


    My favoured would be.

    Strictly ( very strictly ) divide PVP versus PVE. Not only with different maps or playfields, but also with the entire game mechanic.

    Each player has 2 level sets that are abolutely independen of each other.

    Means if you want to level up PVE you have to PVE if you want to level PVP you have to PvP. Ech set works only in the designated area ( PVP/PVE) and cant be used in the other area.


    Each Player has two different skill sets that have NOTHING to do with each other. A Skillset that ONLY works for PVP and one that ONLY works for PVE.

    Both sets have a total different mechanic that can be adjustet independently by the DEV Team. So its possible to balance a PVP skill without touching the PVE area. This is an absolute must have.

    Also equipment earned in PVE are only for PVE ( cant be equipped in PVP) and via versa.

    So both areas are separate. And that means you dosent have to struggle with overlapping effekts that dimish one area of interest with the other one.



  • JemcrystalJemcrystal Member UncommonPosts: 1,772
    Questing zones - no pvp!  Castle wars for guilds in their own zone defending guild fort.  Runes of Magic had the right idea about this but they messed it up with lag.  If there had been no lag at all it would have been great.  Low levels needed to participate as well.  They could build weapons even at level 1.
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