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i agree witht he previous poster BUT with a slight change

mmorpgolstimermmorpgolstimer Member UncommonPosts: 22


installed it 2 days ago...install..weird word for aion EU..

download the install it..stage 1 to 9 took around 2 hours since im in Na playing on EU( curious about how it went at that place)..

FML TIMES OVER 9000!!! level 9 of instalation complete please restart the game to get updates active on your client... do it once ..start the game plz install the game update level 1 through 9 to access full version of the game..redo ....restart the game...plz instal level 1 through 9 to FUCK !!!!!!!!1 did it 19 times in a row..only answer i could get from the GM? plz install the game updates level 1 through 9 that way you can play with out having to reinstall it next time you log on the game..... WTF?!?! i wasted 22 gig of download for nothing!

as game Wise..poor GAMEFORGE they gonna hate me there....

you CANT use chat!  NO CHAT CAN BE USED AND you cant put stuff on the broker UNLESS you pay the nice "free" 5$ a month to use in short gameforge for aion EU is forcing you to pay money to make use of the freedom of speech in a game.

aion NA and the other regions switched to F2P model exept for the money shop for skins and mounts or super buffs BUT EU is still at the pay to suck mode where it really suck BECAUSE people will defend and protect that. i had a chat with a player on the France AION chat.. he was proud to tell me it didnt cost him money to get a gold membership package off the broker... yeah..... he didnt pay money for it but someone paid 10$ to sell the item at the broker and sell 1 gold membership package. grats dude you wasted 10 bucks to get laughed at.... reality check! the rest of the world plays this game entirely free with no restrictions ...WHY would YOU be forced to play this game like a freakking slave?

in short if you play on EU aion make a switch to NA or other régions. lost of players in Na and we like to get fresh blood for groups  and talk :) theres a little less servers and you will get some lag because of the distance BUT you wont pay shit to talk with us( and have to block the gold diggers  but thats price of freedom of speech xD )

for a bright solution to kinah selling site spams//flood: simple make the kinahs UNTRADEABLE exept for shared bank for your other toons, broker to buy itesm from other players and npcs of course.

explanation: they sell kinahs and in turn increase the economy rate to make sure you buy more kinahs o they can raise it even higher and so n, vicious circle. IF you make kinahs untradeable exept for the above idea they have no reasons to spam or flood sicne they cant sell ya the kinahs they famr HENCE putting an end to the spam//flood



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