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you dont play maplestory unless you like money sinker games

mmorpgolstimermmorpgolstimer Member UncommonPosts: 22

this game WAS fun before players started to raise the economy sky high.

to have a general over view of the game you need to see it like this

you can do 1- 100 fairly easy with the tots rewards

100-130 about the same easyness with MPE and EVO

 THEN consider the game with the following math : 1 Billion mesos = 10USD $ BECAUSE you will need to invest REAL money in the game to gear up

130 and above thats where it gets nightmarish BECAUSE you need to spend around 10 billion meso to get gears of lvl 130( 15 pièces total) by selling nexon point AKA NX at the rate of 1k NX for 80M meso( the card cost min 10-20-25-50 USD $ because its impossible to make that much money by killing monsters( respawn rate lag because the maps cant handle the damage display that you CANT turn off)

for level 140 around 20 billion mesos and for level 160 since its the highest level of item i could find in the "free market" the items are "relatively " affordable with the gentle price of MORE OR LESS 6 billion meso a piece..... theres 15 pièces of gear to get to be completly equipped with your i will let you do the math.

OH and for those who say :find a group...THERES NO DARN GROUPS IN THIS GAME UNDER LEVEL 200!!!!!

if you find a group Under that its either

A- they want to sit back and let you do the whole grinding

B- bitch at you all along because you expect the group to kill monsters as well

C- you wont find a group so you will have to go solo mode until you get to 200

OR if you want to go fast on money you can also buy 1 billions meso from money selling site for 11USD $


BTW; the classes are fun AGAIN Under level 130 due to the high price BUT as again nexon did a great job by "temporarly unavailable" half the fun classes since 2012: demon avenger zero mihen cygnus mage and cygnus thief kaiser and some others.... HELLO!?!?!?!? 

nexon would gain much by making meso untradable to toehr player EXEPT via "free market" BUT they would lose too much money because players woldnt buy Nx cards BUT players wouldnt buy it because it would mean that those who buy NX points would have the last word on the price of NX bought items



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