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Multi-Gaming Community Seeking Officers!

ryan20_00ryan20_00 Member Posts: 168

Digital Impulse Gaming is a growing multi-gaming community that was founded July of 2013 that boasts over 200+ members. We provide a mature, fun and stress free social environment that spans over several games. We currently have guilds in Final Fantasy XIV Reborn and Elder Scrolls Online and are gearing up for the release of WildStar. We also have a League of Legends division for both the casual player and those seeking ranked teams. We offer a website and Teamspeak generously paid for by our members.

We are currently looking for a few like minded individuals that want to become part of the leadership team. Some areas of need include graphic design, multi-media, recruitment, tournament organization and division leadership. If you want to become part of a growing community and have the time, dedication and skills for a leadership position then we want to hear from you.

Visit our website at to check us out. Message Murdax or Zelpia to

set up a time to meet on TeamSpeak.


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