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alfenukalfenuk Member Posts: 10

Greetings Adventurers!

Thinking of joining the Ravenous server and looking for a guild? Fantastic news for you good fellows; Space Grumps are now recruiting!

We are hoping to build a strong, medium sized community of likeminded Explorers, Soliders, Scientists and Settlers who will work together to complete PvE content.

For more information & to apply to our guild please visit our website:

See you all on Nexus real soon

Taymoar & Fen

Space Grump Founders



  • alfenukalfenuk Member Posts: 10
    Welcome to our latest members!
  • alfenukalfenuk Member Posts: 10
    we are now on the Ravenous server!
  • alfenukalfenuk Member Posts: 10
    Welcome to everyone that has joined us since early access started!  The response has been overwhelming but we are still recruiting any exceptional applications!
  • alfenukalfenuk Member Posts: 10

    Welcome to our latest batch of recruits!!!  Still looking for the right guild?  Check us out!  

    We aren't that grumpy I promise! Well maybe a little...grrr!

  • alfenukalfenuk Member Posts: 10
    Due to the overwhelming response we are currently having we are currently restricting recruitment to exceptional applications for social spots only!
  • alfenukalfenuk Member Posts: 10
    ***Notice*** Recruitment is now open again for exceptional raid spot applications (we are still attuning) and social members!
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