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[NA - Exile] Aureus Knights - Well Run, Established and Fun Focused Guild LFM

Thank you for taking the time to read our recruitment post. Please see below for details on our guild OR check out our forums. (http://www.aureusknights.com/forum.php)

Quick Wildstar Essentials

Aureus Knights (AKS) is excited to announce we are recruiting for Wildstar! We will be running an Exile faction based guild that focuses on all PvE and PvP activities. We will be targeting all available content including leveling, dungeons, end game dungeon/raid progression and Warplots. While we welcome all types of playstyles, we will not be a guild that focuses on hardcore raid progression. We will work to clear all content, but take a more "casual core" approach to raiding. We are a guild who thrives on well run and organized events and we feel that the wide range of content in Wildstar gives us a perfect platform to be at our best as a guild. Don't miss out!

A little more on who we are:

Aureus Knights is a guild of friends that began playing MMO's back in 1997 with Ultima Online. As a group of friends we'd go game to game, guild to guild playing the games we loved. In late 2006 though, we felt it best to build our own community. For us a community differs from a guild, because we are not built specifically for just one game, instead we travel thru various games together, and we found that for us, it makes us a much stronger community for it.

Aureus Knights is built on the principles of Respect, Honor, Loyalty and Friendship. Rule number one for The Knights is to treat people as you’d want to be treated. We use a fairly flat system of leadership where we have officers who are responsible for the day to day running of the guild but in the end they are just members – we are all equals here. This guild exists for its members and not for any other reason; we have no drama here, no power trips and none of that type of baggage that sometimes comes with guilds.

We are a family friendly guild that puts real life and family ahead of our games; We are a serious guild who loves to work end game but we will not do it at the cost of our membership's personal lives.

We are a multigame community that currently boasts a 400+ member Free Company on the Gilgamesh server in FFXIV:ARR. As a guild with past and present success in many games, we will be able to bring a strong player base into any that game we play.

What we offer our members

The AKS core group and officers are knowledgeable gamers who enjoy helping other players. So right off the bat you have a good core group of people to play with who want to make sure that all AKS members feel welcome and enjoy the games they play to the fullest extent. Other benefits provided by AKS:

• A well-run guild with an experienced and dedicated officer team
• Organized events on a weekly basis
• A fun guild - everything we do is oriented around having fun
• A drama free environment. We are structured from the ground up to be drama free
• Forums, Mumble, and IRC. None are mandatory but all are great for building great and lasting relationships
• Social media tools. We are on Facebook, Twitter, and Steam and we know how to use them to enhance our member's experience
• An awards system to reward our top contributing members
• A casual chapter for non-MMO gaming. 'Cause sometimes it's nice to mix it up
• ... and a whole lot more

If you are interested in joining us please visit our forums (http://www.aureusknights.com/forum.php) and introduce yourself!

- Bigcedric
Officer of Aureus Knights
Join us in Wildstar!


  • RJO_RJO_ Member Posts: 174

    As one of the founders of Aureus Knights I wanted to take an opportunity to invite you all to give us a look.

    Recently we've been involved in FFXIV and we are bar none one of the most active and engaging guilds in that game.  We've learned a lot in XIV and in our previous games (8 years is a long time for a guild to be around) and I have a feeling Wildstar is going to be one of our best chapters yet.

    Swing by our forums today and start your AKS journey.  I don't think you'll regret it!

  • BigcedricBigcedric Member Posts: 5

    The Aureus Knights will be holding a social event to commemorate the  ending of the Closed Beta.  Tomorrow night at 9pm EDT we will be meeting up in Thayd on the Nexus server.  We'll be taking some screenshots to show off our characters and what we've found in the game so far.  If you'd like to celebrate the beta so far and what's to come, please come and join us.  Details recapped below, or you can always find more details about the event and the AKS community at http://www.aureusknights.com/forum.php



    What? Social gathering + screenshot in the Exile capital city

    Where? Nexus server, Exile faction and meet in the capital city. If you don't have access to the capital yet don't worry. We have group summons and teleports. You just need to get off the tutorial ship!

    When? This coming Sunday May 4th @ 9:00pm EDT    

    - Bigcedric
    Officer of Aureus Knights
    Join us in Wildstar!

  • RJO_RJO_ Member Posts: 174

    Who is excited for Open Beta?  We are!

    We've got lots of new great recruits joining us starting tomorrow and I'd encourage anyone looking for a guild to check us out!

    We've got our pre-release census polls running at the moment and we'll be releasing more details about our WildStar plans over the next week or two.

    See you in Nexus!

  • MisterDakuMisterDaku Member Posts: 2

    Cat person ... bunny person ... cat person ... bunny person.

    I can't decide! But at least I know I'll be loved no matter what in Aureus Knights!


  • BigcedricBigcedric Member Posts: 5

    It's a very exciting time to be a part of AKS! Last weekend we had a small meetup in Philadelphia with some of our members and it was a ton of fun. I love being part of a community that enjoys hanging out, even if it isn't in any specific game. Now's the time to get pumped up for Wildstar, though! We will be creating a podcast to discuss the upcoming release of the game and what we're looking forward to experiencing. Once we have that up, we'll be sure to include a link if anyone is interested in checking it out.

    As always, we're still welcoming new folks out and I encourage anyone looking for a great community in Wildstar to check us out!

    - Bigcedric
    Officer of Aureus Knights
    Join us in Wildstar!

  • RJO_RJO_ Member Posts: 174

    We've recently posted an update about our WildStar plans and I wanted to share it with everyone here!


    Knights and recruits,

    As we get close to release I wanted to post a quick update about our plans for WildStar. Our goal with WS is to take the high bar we set in Final Fantasy XIV and push it to the next level. WildStar offers quite a few different modes of play and we are planning on tackling as many avenues of the game as possible.

    Weekly Events

    A great mix of events is what Aureus Knights is all about. Because of the small group centric nature of content in Final Fantasy XIV we never really got to have the types of events that made us famous in Warhammer Online and Rift. The good news is Wildstar should be a return to form as there are many play options for larger groups. 

    You'll be seeing weekly events from our team. Some of the things you can look forward to: our social meetups (the return of the pants off dance off!), dungeon nights, battleground nights and more.

    We will be bringing on as many events focused officers as we can find. So if you have a passion for running events for your guildmates stay tuned - there'll be a place for you in this game.


    One of the most exciting parts of WildStar by far is the raiding content the game will be offering. For the guild it will be an exciting return to centrally run raids (vs our decentralized flight system in FFXIV). We will be announcing details in our WildStar Raid Sub-Charter very soon. But let me just say this: we will be running multiple teams of 20 and will have at least one 40 man flight for the guild. All of this run by AKS officers and up to AKS's high standards utilizing our Raid Charter.


    We have a deep guild history in PvP and the content options that WildStar has on offer are very exciting. We will be running battlegrounds as part of our weekly events series and will be taking Warplots very seriously. For those who haven't been with us long we were one of the top guilds in Warhammer Online and we take protecting our turf very seriously 

    We haven't discussed arena teams at this point but when rubber hits the road at launch we'll likely be looking to put together a team or two for the competitive scene. If you have an interest, don't be afraid to reach out to me so we can start planning.

    What's next...

    So there's just a quick preview of what's to come. We have a few milestones planned for the build up to launch. They are in no particular order:
    We will have a new census poll every Monday until launch. 
    We will be announcing a server choice the week following Open Beta (we will be selecting a PvE server for WildStar)
    We will be releasing our raid charter. Likely around the week of launch.

    So there you go. WildStar is an exciting prospect for the guild. I hope you are as excited as we are.

    See you on Nexus

  • RJO_RJO_ Member Posts: 174

    This week's Aureus Knights podcast is about WildStar - I know everyone is eagerly awaiting release so I thought I'd share this to help peeps get through the day(s).

    Pod is here: http://www.aureusknights.com/showthread.php?10196[1]

    In the podcast we discuss:

    • Expectations for the game going in to launch

    • Casuals and core gamers in a HARDCORE world

    • Gear vs Skill in a unique combat system

    • What features we are most excited for!

    • Looking forward to PvP

    • Thoughts on Housing

    • Crafting, the economy and CREDD

    • Path System, Underwhelming, or Under Appreciated?

    • Will it last?

    • Flavor and Lore as Feature

  • BigcedricBigcedric Member Posts: 5

    I had a lot of fun doing the podcast, though it may not have actually sounded like it!

    We are currently working on finalizing our server selection and will be sure to post it here once we have it locked down.

    - Bigcedric
    Officer of Aureus Knights
    Join us in Wildstar!

  • RJO_RJO_ Member Posts: 174
    I'm pleased to announce we have selected Thunderfoot for our server!  Come join us: www.aureusknights.com/forum.php
  • BigcedricBigcedric Member Posts: 5

    Over a month in and still going strong!

    We've got most of the guild buffs unlocked and we have the Exp and Rep buffs running 24/7. We're also going through and starting to unlock all the flasks as well.

    We've got a lot of folks working on raid attunement now and we're hoping to get started on raiding this month.

    If you are looking for a guild that is still active and a group to start progressing through raiding and other content with, I highly recommend you give us a look!

    You can contact me, Bigcedric, or any other members in game for more info or check out the forums at www.aureusknights.com

    - Bigcedric
    Officer of Aureus Knights
    Join us in Wildstar!

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