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When Black Desert will be released on western market

ikcinikcin Member RarePosts: 2,211

Like I said many times before nobody cares about the customers, and there is no general difference among f2p and p2p games. So called westernization of the game is not important too. In fact the english client for Black Desert is ready.

What is the truth? If you are a big publisher, and you have franchises for other game titles, why you would release a new one that is better, killing your own business? DAUM, the korean publisher struggled to find good franchises for web games in last 2 years. The company has only casual titles, and Black Desert is their leading game right now, no matter it is not released yet. Same would be with Innova, the most likely publisher for Russia.

So, for the West you shall have a big publisher, because that game will need a lot of financial and human resources for hardware, services, marketing and etc. But at the same time this big publisher shall need for such a game. So you shall find a big western publisher without big and expensive projects in last year. Good luck :)

The developer, Pearl Abyss, of course wants to sell the franchise faster, because that means more royalties, but most of the big western publishers don't need such a game. The absurd is, that if the Black Desert was a little, and less demanding game, with smaller chances for market success, it would find western publisher much easier. My personal hope is, that Innova will take the franchise for EU, like they did with Lineage 2. But with war in Ukraine now, which makes relations between EU and Russia harder, even that seems less likely. So the game may be released in EU and NA even this year, but it is not the most probable scenario.

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