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Development Cycle

ManteesMantees Member UncommonPosts: 37

i like Eve, but the biggest problem I have with it is the slowness of its development cycle.
Too much time passes between patches and most of them add very little to no new content.

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  • NFWolfDudeNFWolfDude Member Posts: 304

    First, what was the point of this post, unless you are trolling, but in any case, I will bite.

    I have been playing just over a year now. There are easily twice the ships, the UI has changed completely to be more stable and more usable, T2 was introduced and brings all kinds of new mods to the game, player owned stations have been released (need tweaking but are there) and there is more coming all the time. They are currently rebalacing by changing how the jumpgates are laid out (NWO patch, read the Dev BLOG for more on that) and they have MORE ships coming out.

    I just don't see your point.


  • dakilla666dakilla666 Member UncommonPosts: 306

    Yeah seriously, where are you coming from ? lol. The last MAJOR expansion was about 6 months ago, yeah. But, they have been releasing small patches almost every two weeks to tweek the performance and fix minor things. Just recently that made a huge overhaul to the ammunition system of lasers and nerfed pulse lasers. They are continously fixing little bugs and missions, agents, market, player stations so I really don't have a clue where you get off saying the development is slow.

    This game has been out for over two years now and is updating as fast as or faster than most new titles that have been released in the past six months, really, try and get "some" facts when trying to down a game which you have no clue about.

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  • magik_fxmagik_fx Member Posts: 281

    Another thing I'd like to point out about your accusation of very little content in each patch is that content isn't just handed to its' players like in a typical MMO. An analogy for you:

    One could compare this to the difference between a playground, such as EVE, and a theme park, which would be the traditional MMOG. In a playground you have access to different kinds of toys and rides, and you are allowed to use your own imagination to figure out how to create games you enjoy. In a theme park all the rides have been created for you and are either good or bad by design. The playground clearly offers more freedom but it requires you to think and be an active participant, while the theme park has taken those responsibilities away from you and you can just go with the flow. As an interesting side-note, “theme park” style MMORPGs commonly develop lines, just like real world theme parks, as players wait for monster spawns, rare items, or quest requirements

    This isn't necessarily good, nor bad - however, it is different. People who play EVE enjoy creating, in essence, their own content. The player politics and dramas, wars and competition are all there because the players created them. No one who has played EVE with any regularity expects the next patch to put in three new dungeons to raid and a new zone type of content. It doesn't work like that in EVE. As far as hardcoded content goes, I'm sure EVE has next to none compared to other games. In player created content, I'm sure it's at the top of the food chain.

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