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About Indie MMO

GrourouxGrouroux Member UncommonPosts: 16

To be an independent developer of MMOs, and I find it's very hard to make know our game. is really one of the most important sites for MMOs, but it seems that here too it is very complicated have a minimum visibility.

I understand that your journalists are more concerned with talking about "big" mmo. And often indie are not very good at communicating (because we do not have enough time actually ^ ^). 

However, I think it's a shame because I often find independent mmo, that as we are not afraid to innovate or go against all the conventions. And there is more and more players who would like to discover this kind of game 

Could you add a dedicated space for these games (with the exception of web-based mmo, because there is yet another area)? Can be powered through the dev blog?

Grouroux, Game Designer
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