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Mount Tyrannas Guild "Fierce" Recruiting All Mains

Hello all,

If you are interested in joining after reading this passage, here is the guild site where you can fill out an application: http://www.fiercemt.enjin.com/

I’m looking forward to gaining some new recruits to join my guild ‘Fierce’ on Mount Tyrannas. Fierce is an organized guild currently accepting mains only regardless of level. Once we expand our requirements will become more stern as we progress to become an endgame guild. One of the most essential requirements of this guild is Raidcall. When you are online you MUST be on raidcall. I’m aware sometimes people are busy in real life, this is what I designed the ‘afk’ channel for as well.

  Fierce started exactly a week ago, and we have gained a good 33 members in that increment of time. I would like to make this guild become the best it can be, we hold the motivation to expand and endure through time and to prosper as a family. This guild may seem a little on the strict side, but we love to have fun too, we have a good group of people so far and would like to extend the diversity of the guild. We are looking for people from all experience levels ranging from hardcore to casual.

   As far as instancing goes, once we have more people we will be making events in both the pve and pvp aspects. End game dungeons will be crucial, along with some pvp CS and 3v3 static groups if we get some 60’s willing to create a static group.

   Respect and maturity are held with great importance in the guild. Sure there are times to joke, but we do not disrespect or discriminate anyone. If you plan on partaking in that sort of behavior, Fierce is not for you. Since the guild is fresh, we do have a few 60’s but most of the guild members are in the 30-45 range as of right now and we are progressing quickly. All classes are currently open for recruitment, now is the perfect time to join. Over time the requirements will become more stringent and will be narrowed further as our guild population increases.

   If you have any further questions please list them below, but if you are interested in that guild, check out our guild website link at the top and fill out an application form under the ‘Recruitment’ section. Thank you all for your attention and have an awesome day!

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