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Last chance to vote

MalcanisMalcanis Member UncommonPosts: 3,297

CSM9 voting closes today. Get on it.


To those who voted me into an unpaid job last year: thank you very much. It has been fun and rewarding, also pretty hard work and quite stressful at times as well. I'm collecting my "free" holiday on the 29th. See you at FanFest if you're going.


To those who can't be bothered to find out who's who and just want to know who they should vote for, here's my recommend voting list:

 Vote for diversity of expertise : Ali Aras  Mangala Solaris  Mike Azariah  Steve Ronuken James Arget  Xander Phoena  Sugar Kyle  corbexx  mynnna  progodlegend  Psychotic Monk  Jayne Fillion


To those who just blabber on about the CSM being useless, thanks for not voting. Democracy relies on idiots knowing that they're too ignorant to participate.

Give me liberty or give me lasers

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