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[NA-Cactuar] Moogle Militia [MogMi] Free Company Recruitment

Neon321Neon321 Member Posts: 1
Type: Casual/Competitive
TimeZone Range: MST, EST, CST, PST
About Moogle Militia:
Moogle Militia[MogMi] is the Final Fantasy branch of a community known as Digital Impulse Gaming[DiG]. MogMi is casual and competitive. We are a progression raiding and social Free Company. We have multiple groups for running Coil, primals, and difficult dungeons. We have been around since August 24, 2013.
If we aren't raiding, we're leveling, crafting, gathering, or just having fun doing in-game stuff. We have TeamSpeak for easy communication. We do not discriminate on anyone, even lalafels -.-. Besides all that, we are looking for active players whether you are fresh out the Gamestop store, or have been a veteran player since the good ole days of 1.0, all are welcome to join the Free Company.
To submit an application, just click on the website, mouse over recruitment, and click on Final Fantasy application.
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