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So there is 17k Wildstar beta keys left....



  • ArglebargleArglebargle Member RarePosts: 2,961
    Loved the trailers for Wildstar, but when the beta keys come out, I am reminded it's an NCSoft game.  Don't trust them at all, not going to invest in anything they've got their fingers in.   Plus the game has some serious negatives (for me) in the game design.  It'd have to hit on all cylinders to get me to reconsider.

    If you are holding out for the perfect game, the only game you play will be the waiting one.

  • ShephardShephard Member Posts: 69

    To be completely honest it is an extremely bad sign for the game.  ESO gave out 25k keys multiple times and they were all gone, which is amazing considering ESO officially gave out millions of keys from their beta program.  There are still 13k keys left on MMORPG.

    WildStar might be in trouble.  Usually for most publishers it is ok to be a niche MMO.  But with NCSoft niche MMOs will be shutdown.

  • MrG8MrG8 Member UncommonPosts: 110
    Beeecauseeee you might as well play ESO :)
  • RaagnarzRaagnarz Member UncommonPosts: 320

    I was in the Wildstar beta for almost a year. I won't be buying it. After a couple of months I stopped logging into the game other than once in awhile to check out changes. The game is well built, but horribly optomized. The combat can be kind of cool, certainly better than the crapfest that is ESO. The animation is great, again much better than ESO. That being said I just could not stomach the game. The pace of leveling is slow, which honestly I have been longing for. The 1 to max in a few days or week, I'm over that style of play. I'd like more meaty original eq level speed as a throwback. That being said this game was so damn monotonous when it came to quests I couldn't even force myself to log in. The quests were simply the most boring drivel I have ever seen in a game. Granted you could mix in dungeons, adventures, and pvp to help break up the monotony. Every level, due to the miniscule amount of xp awarded thanks to the slow leveling speed, required a metric ton of quests. In my entire time in that game, I can remember exactly 2 quests. I won't sit here and trumpet SWTOR or ESO because both games suck, but their questing system was good. The quests had stories and meaning. There was a quality over quantity approach. In Wildstar there is no quality when it comes to quests, its truckloads of quantity though.


    The scariest thing however is the fact that the endgame, which they trumpet so loudly as being their focal point, is going to be a colossal mess. They sent 5+ years, or whatever, building and testing the game from 1-30ish. Then they do a huge patch in the winter beta and announce the end of the winter beta, 1 week after that patch. This patch raised the level cap from 32 to max. However all those great raids, and end game content they trumpet, the warplots, all of it only got a weeks worth of testing in beta and these few beta weekends. They gave at least a years worth of closed beta testing 1-32, and no doubt that content is pretty polished, and a whopping 1 week and 8 days worth of weekend tests for everything 33+. The devs posted on the forums how dismayed they were at this decision, or 'compromise' they labeled it,  that they were forced to make with the financial people.


    So aside from the soul crushing quest grind in the game,  endgame the place where almost everyone is gonna spend the majority of their time , is going to be horribly balanced and tested because its being rushed out the door just like ESO. We see how well thats turning out right?

  • TX_ImhotepTX_Imhotep Member Posts: 30
    I love the game but all I do right now is log in once daily for my mystery boxes. No need to spoil anymore than I already have.
  • Path4Path4 Member Posts: 35
    Already pre-ordered, I'm assuming others may have as well.  I only log on for a minute to get the "log-on package" upon release.  Why waste time on beta anymore?  For me I'm waiting for release.
  • Athena_StarfireAthena_Starfire Member UncommonPosts: 213

    Considering these "beta keys" are for only like 18 hrs..its not worth it


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