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Thinking of Playing EvE? Perhaps reconsider.



  • d4rkwingd4rkwing Member Posts: 32
    Originally posted by Ikonoclastia

    I unsubscribed my accounts

    Congratulations! You figured out how to win.

    Obligatory movie quote:



  • NolorwolfNolorwolf Member Posts: 1

    Damn... I've read 6 pages of this post, and all I can say is that I would not hesitate to get back in game if I had the time :(

    You reminded me why some people like playing serious games. Now I understand why people call EVE the "Only MMO Sandbox Game", because if people are like most of  you here, there will be no more MMO sandbox games.

    Enjoy your world, it has no people in it.

  • varcyon2varcyon2 Member Posts: 1
    All i see is crying. Eve is a hardcore game. its NOT for everyone but that doesn't mean its bad or the players are bad. I have had a lot of friendly people there. Tired if seeing complaining and bitching about a game you dont like. just dont freaking play it. Many MANY other enjoy it. This is NOT FOR CAREBEARS. You HAVE to expect to lose stuff. Go play WoW if you dont want anything like this. Stop trying to spread the idea that everyone is an ass in the game. they're not. I enjoy the danger of warping through low sec systems. hoping i dont get attacked.
  • d4rkwingd4rkwing Member Posts: 32
    Basically think of EVE as a Republican paradise. Big corps rule everything and the government (ccp) doesn't get involved with regulation.
  • HorusraHorusra Member EpicPosts: 4,181
    Originally posted by d4rkwing
    Basically think of EVE as a Republican paradise. Big corps rule everything and the government (ccp) doesn't get involved with regulation.

    Bringing politics into this forum is a big no no.....

  • LoktofeitLoktofeit Member RarePosts: 14,247
    Originally posted by motanila

    To understand the level of distrust in this game : you are not allowed to join any corporation without permanently alowing them to :read your ingame email , see all your assets, and see all you financial transactions.


    Do some corps require access to one or more of those when reviewing recruits? Yes.  If they are going to be letting you have access to hangars of ships, giving permission to take items from massive warehouses of supplies and including you in strategic talks involving private intel, then they're going to want to weed out spies and saboteurs before they get in the door. 

    Your statement, however, is a bit of an exaggeration, no?  ;) 

    There isn't a "right" or "wrong" way to play, if you want to use a screwdriver to put nails into wood, have at it, simply don't complain when the guy next to you with the hammer is doing it much better and easier. - Allein
    "Graphics are often supplied by Engines that (some) MMORPG's are built in" - Spuffyre

  • IkonoclastiaIkonoclastia Member UncommonPosts: 203
    Originally posted by Uccisore

        So  a guy creates a thread to declare that other people playing a game he doesn't play based on things he doesnt want to play with are terrible human beings, and that the game they enjoy playing shouldn't exist.  A bunch of others chime in saying that people who play a style of video game they don't like must have a mental illness. 


    If that's not %@#%@ing griefing, what is?  


        My irony meter is off the charts here-  the foolish OP is declaring a video game shouldn't exist and the game developers are terrible people because some of the people in the game are doing vicious things to other people in the game.  Well guess what? Not only to the 'victims' not have to play, they are paying 14.95 a month to play, so apparently they like it. 

        I like PVE games too-  most of the games I play are PVE, there's nothing wrong with getting together with a bunch of friends and pretending to overcome A.I. challenges that are designed to lay over and play dead dramatically to make you feel like you accomplished something.  But the OP comes dangerously close to saying that that's the only kind of video game that should be allowed to exist, and specifically says that Eve is for bad people. STFU- it's ok for their to be lots of different games for lots of different people. 

    Learn to comprehend.  The post was about harrassment.  Specifically about harassment that is disallowed by the EULA and game rules - you may not follow a specific player around for the sole purpose of harassing them.  The issue was that despite that person breaching that game rule, admitting to the conduct which was screen-shotted, no action was taken.  That player then continued to harass by submitting a petition against my account for using the F-word.  Instead of realising that that petition was simply a further attempt at harassment (this player had been following me around with multiple alts, verbally harassing me) CCP took action against my account.  

    In the area of null sec I was inhabiting there were sometimes up to 8 perma camping afk hot droppers in virtually every system we used.  Thats fine.  They're there to hot drop anyone.  I had no problem with those people.  

    This was never about people not being allowed to play their style of game.  It was about a sick player who for some reason spent every waking moment over 4 months following another player (me) around in breach of the game rules for no reason but to annoy me.

    I would have continued to ignore him however while ignoring his major breach of the rules, CCP instead chose to take action against me for a breach of the rules that is almost never enforced.  You only have to go to Amarr, Jita, Dodixie or another major hub or hang out in alliance space for a few seconds to hear the most offensive, sick and gross langauge being used a regular part of EvE chat system.

    CCP's inability to be fair and transparent is legendary, I'm quite certain I know the identify of the person who was following me and his close association with CCP is very likely why he was allowed to do what he was without punishment.  That was issue.


  • UccisoreUccisore Member UncommonPosts: 96
    Originally posted by Ikonoclastia

    Learn to comprehend.  The post was about harrassment.  Specifically about harassment that is disallowed by the EULA and game rules - you may not follow a specific player around for the sole purpose of harassing them.as without punishment.  That was issue.



    Really? Here's the last section of your opening post:

    "So if you're an aweful person, you like to cause other players to feel bad, you like to cause pain to people who have cancer, you enjoy trolling, you enjoy making fun of people with disabilities, you like being led into a traps by developers, you're okay with developer favoritism, you enjoy flying around in space with corporations that have names like "Creampie Carpet Munchers" and your a general asshat then EvE online is likely for you."

         Stop  backpeddling under the guise of insulting my comprehension skills. You're simply flaming people because they play a game you don't like. You're the forum equivalent of a griefer trying to make people feel bad for things that have nothing to do with you.   For that matter, do you think I or other people reading your comments here are too stupid to read what you say in other threads? You're all over the place denigrating Eve Online gameplay in general, and the player base in general.  You are clearly opposing more than just a few isolated incidents of CCP not enforcing their EULA, you are condemning the entire purpose and scope of the game, and personally attacking the people who play it.     Stop lying. 



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