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Are they actually adding ANYTHING, or making any form of progress? All they seem to do is re-do/re-m

SarphonSarphon Member Posts: 13


  • Keldor837Keldor837 Member UncommonPosts: 263

    Red 5 went public and sold just under half of their shares to a korean f2p company a few months back. With that the new investors brought in a bunch of money and some direction for the company. This inevitably led to on of Red 5's founding leaders leaving the company because he wasn't going along with the new direction of the game and was actually found to be stalling development to milk the project. The version 8 patch (remake as you refer to it as) was brought to us after the company sold a large number of shares. With the new financial backing and having a second company with more experience in the f2p market. Changes are coming through; as for actual content though there is an issue. The engine which they are working off of is a very stationary one and not meant for what their goal is. What I mean by this is, in New Eden for example, if you pushed back the melding on the entire map, you'd find that it's just a big square. One of the fundamentals of the game was going to be the constant struggle to expand Accord owned areas on a global scale. But how they have the game engine and servers running, this will be impossible. To accomplish what was originally intended with the game will require an entire rework of the games world engine and server hosting. Doing so will also inevitably mean they will likely need to redo core gameplay. So, the game is now taking a new direction and trying to work within the confines of the limited game engine they've been building upon.

    The game has taken a step in the right direction with the version 8 patch. Building in some real progression, and creating a desire to play and advance in the game and prompting you to play more than just a single frame. All while promoting the resource and crafting aspect to keep the market stable. They have one battleframe planed for each Accord frame (ex. Arsenal) as well as an entirely new Accord frame with advanced frames; so there is that to look forward to. Also, the next big patch will be putting in the second chapter of the main storyline so that may be continued. They are also slowly releasing better quality resources to craft better high-end gear as time goes on. Before we see new areas, they are likely going to revamp existing ones such as Antarctica. Places such as that and Sargasso are only good for blitzing with a few squads to thump high quality resources, then move back to New Eden.

    I hope that addresses your question/concern sufficiently to satisfy your inquiry. Whether it's enough to keep you in game or not, I leave that for you to decide. I play for an hour or two when I'm bored with my core games. My recommendation for Firefall has always been to play it in moderation and to take turns playing different frames to keep things fresh and get the most out of the perk system.


  • CIB3CIB3 Member UncommonPosts: 120

    Short answer: no

    Long answer: title


    Extremely long answer (the game don't deserve the effort to write it, but I'm feeling generous right now):

    I uninstalled the game some days ago, after I researched multi turrets 4 and jumpjets 4 and I found that  I can't build both items due to "new" professions system. Anyway, there is nothing to do in game except the same 3 daily quests. Thumping in New Eden give only gray resources (low quality). The game is really bad now, it don't bring any satisfaction for players, just frustration.


  • FlyByKnightFlyByKnight Member EpicPosts: 3,967

    They're milking the last of the simpletons who think they're "game testers" who get to pay Red5 for the honor. The only updates they ever have involve selling red beans or selling dumb ass hats and colors. Hell it even looks like their web design/art people either quit or were fired.  The artwork they use for promotion pieces are terrible now.  Looks like Napoleon Dynamite drew them.


    The joke is the game is supposedly going to release sometime this year. All of the people who had any presence of to mind see this hoax of a game for what it is (now) have long since been banned from the forums or just peacefully left.


    Red5 pulled off one of the biggest heist jobs in the genre. They ripped off their fans and their investors IMO. Mark Kern is probably somewhere laughing and crying at the same damn time.

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  • Solar_ProphetSolar_Prophet Member RarePosts: 1,945

    No, they're not.

    They've wasted an incredible amount of time and money doing pointless and unnecessary 'overhauls' of the game, only to tell us that they were too stupid to realize that their engine couldn't even come close to doing all the wonderful things they told us the game would have. Well, that or Mark Kern lied to us from the get-go (wouldn't surprise me).

    While booting that lying sack of garbage Mark Kern to the curb was definitely a huge step in the right direction, it's too little too late. It's already well known that the game won't be anywhere near what was promised, and frankly I think at this point Red5 is just milking people stupid enough to continue supporting this project for all their worth, in a desperate attempt to come up with at least some kind of return to avoid a lawsuit from their investors, or at very least save their reputations.

    I dearly hope Mark Kern will be unable to find a position in game development after this. He's a liar and a hack, and has absolutely no place in the industry.

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