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Cancelled again, but it looks like for real this time...

NymandusNymandus Member UncommonPosts: 26

CCP Games Halts Development of World of Darkness MMO

April 14, 2014

CCP Games today announced that they have cancelled the World of Darkness massively multiplayer online (MMO) game project in development in their Atlanta, GA studio. 

As a result of the change, 56 employees of the Atlanta studio have lost their jobs.  Some team members have been offered roles on other projects inside the company, and CCP has provided severance packages and job placement assistance for those affected.  

The remaining team in Atlanta will focus on games in the EVE Universe, which will mark the first time since 2006 that the entirety of CCP will be working on a single universe.

CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson:

The decision to end the World of Darkness MMO project is one of the hardest I’ve ever had to make. I have always loved and valued the idea of a sandbox experience set in that universe, and over the years I’ve watched the team passionately strive to make that possible.

I would like to give special thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make the World of Darkness MMO a reality, especially the team members affected by this decision.  Their considerable contribution to CCP will not be forgotten, and we wish them well.

To our current and former employees and fans of World of Darkness, I am truly sorry that we could not deliver the experience that we aspired to make.  We dreamed of a game that would transport you completely into the sweeping fantasy of World of Darkness, but had to admit that our efforts were falling regretfully short.  One day I hope we will make it up to you.

Although this was a tough decision that affects our friends and family, uniting the company behind the EVE Universe will put us in a stronger position moving forward, and we are more committed than ever to solidify EVE as the biggest gaming universe in the world.


  • RodentofdoomRodentofdoom Member Posts: 273

    explains the asset write-off given in the last financial summary



    some eve fanatics were hoping that it was DUST or Valkyrie, but it would appear not.

  • AmbrosiaAmorAmbrosiaAmor Member Posts: 915

    Nail in the coffin.

    Too soon?

    I'm sad... time to go full emotional.


  • OniDaimyo77OniDaimyo77 Member CommonPosts: 30
    Actually its "halted" but yeah, its pretty much dead. These idiots failed.
  • OniDaimyo77OniDaimyo77 Member CommonPosts: 30
    I will never play Eve. Star Citizen looks ilke it will shit on Eve.
  • gonewildgonewild Member UncommonPosts: 136

    I would like to see some 3rd person ground combat within eve online.

    Their character models and character creation is amazing.

  • Agent_JosephAgent_Joseph Member UncommonPosts: 1,361

    time for stick  only with EVE !

    It is only game for what i not  lost interesting after 9 years playing

  • Dward127Dward127 Member Posts: 46
    this game was always vapor ware. 
  • KanethKaneth Member RarePosts: 2,286
    Originally posted by Dward127
    this game was always vapor ware. 

    Agreed. All this time on this game and they have absolutely nothing to show for it. 

  • IkedaIkeda Member RarePosts: 2,751
    Yea.. can't say I'm surprised.  I loved how people had hyped it as the second coming.  
  • OntblodOntblod Member UncommonPosts: 194

    My only hope for a decent vampire game died.

    Been following this for so long and now this?! :(

    Dam..........this sucks



  • CorehavenCorehaven Member UncommonPosts: 1,533

    Not a huge CCP fan. 


    But as a vampire fan and a fan of Vampire : The Masquerade I'm extremely bummed.  


    Guess life goes on after all.  Pun intended. 

  • Sassy_Gay_UnicornSassy_Gay_Unicorn Member UncommonPosts: 316

    It may not seem like it now but this is actually good news. CCP is a shady company that has continually drifted from one internal scandal to the next with their flagship EVE. Now they will most likely sell off WoD (or at least the game rights) and, with luck, it will end up the property of a more reputable firm. 


    We may have to wait even longer now but waiting is the status quo for a WoD mmo.

  • KonfessKonfess Member RarePosts: 1,667

    Did anyone here ever see their cloth physics demo?  CCP didn’t want to use pre-rendered animations for cloth billowing in the wind.  They wanted ever turn and sweep to be a thing of beauty.  Basically they were working on an engine that wouldn’t be playable on modern hardware at release, and probably not playable for 5 to 10 years for hardware to catch up. 


    My question, why wasn’t this headline news on this site?

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    As if it could exist, without being payed for.
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    It costs money to play.  Therefore P2W.

  • RavingRabbidRavingRabbid Member UncommonPosts: 1,168
    This is a sad development. In a MMO world saturated with Fantasy games, this would have been a great relief.   Dust 514 is a horrible game and was put as a  priority over a game that could've done very well for CCP and Eve's Community has gotten worse (depends on your perspective).  CCP IMO is stagnating or beginning to go downhill. Only time will tell. I will never again support this company or the decisions that they have made recently.

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  • AnubisZAnubisZ Member Posts: 11

    This sucks I have been wanting this game for so long. I was so hoping for some news at Eve fanfest this year but i guess not.


    I want an mmorpg where there are people roleplaying in game. An mmo with a good community and as always awesome gameplay.

  • suckm3suckm3 Member UncommonPosts: 187

    My life will be never satisfied without this game.

    Also all these new gen shit MMOs, lack of full loot and so the hope of a good full loot pvp game is again in faith of EvE Online.

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