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The itch to game.

cybertruckercybertrucker Member UncommonPosts: 1,117

So the last time i logged into an MMO was back in November. However that was only for a few minutes. It was GW2 which in all honesty was a game I enjoyed greatly. However I have not actually played anything since September...Why?.. Lack of time, other hobbies, work, family. Just haven't really been all that interested. MMO burn out maybe.

The fact is, is I'm not all that into single player games. The last few years though MMOs have felt more and more like Massive Multiuser Online Single Players Games. With the occasional Co Op. Not to mention I am not fond of the direction many MMOs have went with the F2P/P2W set up.

So the last few days though I have been getting an itch to give MMOs another go. I told myself I was going to wait for EQN and see how that goes. But I don't know. I kinda want to log in. I am thinking GW2, as  I really did like my level 80 ele in the game, and the gameworld overall was amazing. However I really would like a game that's promotes Social Play. Something akin to games like Vanguard or EQ1... I just wonder if that's an impossibility in todays MMO culture.

If anyone knows any games that offer that, that aren't completely outdated, please feel free to post them here and why you feel that way.


  • zwei2zwei2 Member Posts: 361

    Your request is a bit... out of reach.


    Since you have GW2, you should play it, since you want to log in to play. Or just try out some of the "newer" generation free to play MMO, like SWTOR and such. Otherwise, try to grab a beta for Wildstar. Guarantee to have lots of players and lots of social events during beta. I remember playing the ESO beta, while everyone is stucked at a bugged spawn, I just join in a muscial band by playing a lute, while complaining in chat about the buggy quest lol...

    The possibility of the universe collapsing into a singularity is higher than the birth of a perfect MMORPG.

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