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[NGG] Wiped 4/1 - PVP/Sleeper - HalfCraft/Unlimited Durability

rsfkrsfk Member Posts: 1

Next Generation Gaming now has a Rust Server, welcoming all players! Our community supports various games, and now our latest game being Rust. We have over 5,000 members, mainly from our SA:MP (San Andreas: Multiplayer) server, and we are now hoping to increase our player base from Rust.

  • Direct Connect (F1): net.connect
  • IP:
  • PvP: On
  • Sleepers: On (We have recently turned on sleepers due to popular demand)
  • Mod: Oxide (Door Sharing, and all of that good stuff)
  • Crafting Timescale: HalfCraft
  • Website:
  • Teamspeak: - Rust Channels

Airdrops every hour!


  • No Griefing (This will be interpreted by the server admin dealing with the situation. Building stairs in order to raid someones base is allowed)
  • No Cheating/Hacking (This one is pretty obvious)
  • Admins will never abuse their powers, and will only use them to remove misplaced objects and to help players.
  • We have very active admins. We will be looking for more in the future, to ensure fair gameplay and an enjoyable time for all players.

Thanks for reading and I hope some of you join us!

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