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[FAMFRIT] Uncommon Sense < UCS > is recruiting!

Yes, yes... I know, "another damn FC recruitment thread".  But fear not!  I shall endeavor to entertain you whilst you read and learn about our little FC!


"So who is 'Uncommon Sense'?"

We are a small(ish) FC on the Famfrit server.  We have right around 18 or so active players, all with vast experience in previous MMO's, most recent of which was Tera where we got our start as an official guild under the moniker "Common Sense".

...we quickly found that "Sense" is not as "Common" as one might think.

And so we moved!  To FFXIV:ARR!  With hopes and dreams of becoming as amazing as we think we are!, really.  We are awesome (except for that Shin guy.  Don't know who that Shin guy is?  Stick around and you may find out).


"What does UCS do?"

We... uh... play FFXIV:ARR?  ...sometimes?  ...maybe?



Alright, here's the gist.  We like to call ourselves a "Casual Progression" FC.  By that we mean we play whenever our real lives allow for it, rather than the other way around.  Pretty much everyone in UCS has had some experience in the realm of Hardcore Raiding.  But times change, we grow older, get married, have kids... our gaming lives become ruined.  RUINED I SAY!

But we're gamers!  So we play on!  And because we have our roots in "Hardcore" we are simply not satisfied with grinding tomes for loot.  NO!  We aim for the top!  We pull ourselves together!  And we KILL MORE THE STUFF!


"So you guys are progressed?"

Yup!  As of May 11th, we have cleared all of First Coil, cleared all EX Primals and regularly farm Levi EX for weapons, and have begun Coil Turn 6.


"You say 'Hardcore'.  Does that mean you're a bunch of elitist pricks?"

Yes!  ...wait.  I mean no!  We are always looking to get the best out of all of our players, but never at the expense of having fun.  We joke around all the time, pick on each other (especially that Balls guy.... yeah, I know.  More unknown name dropping.  But I digress).  We are helpful, not insulting.  If one of our team members is struggling, we discuss it.  You'll never hear one of our members saying "Dude, you suck!  Just quit!"  ...unless we're talking to that Balls guy.


"So you guys are just one big clique?"  

YES!  And we want you to be in that clique!  Except we don't call it a clique, we call it a team.  We lean on each other, learn from each other, laugh at each other, and we enjoy kicking content's ass with each other.  All of our members are mature... I think our average age is around 30.  We frequently use Ventrillo, even when not raiding, we are active on our FC forums, and we use GroupMe to stay in constant contact... usually to pre-arrange raids and for general mischief and mayhem. 


"Will I fit in?"

Do you have a good sense of humor?  Do you take pride in your in-game achievements?  Are you interested in progression without it feeling like a job?  Do you want to play an MMO with a bunch of cool guys and gals who actually communicate and have fun?

Then yeah.  You'd probably fit in great!


"...wait.  You have a guy named 'Balls'?"

...yeah... But we prefer not to talk about him.  His name... is not a reference for what you're thinking.  


"Okay, I'm sold.  How do I join?"

Hooollld it right there, buddy (or girly, cuz, you know, girls play too.  We know!  We have a few).  First, come visit us on our webby: and apply from there.  AND/OR contact one of our officers in game:

      Misha Allora

      Death Spard

      Katflip Renzo

      Shin Hayato

      Exo Thermic

Once you've made contact we will talk, get to know each other, see if you're a good fit for us and more importantly, if we are a good fit for you.


"What levels/jobs are you recruiting?"

Any and all if you are a good fit for our team.  Specifically we are looking for the following to fill out our Coil and Progression teams:

2 x WHM

1 x SCH

Also interested in:

1 x SMN


"Anything else?"

Nope!  Just contact us and lets get the ball rolling!


-Misha Allora (aka Balls.  Yup.  It's me.  -.- )


P.S.  Shin has an amazing singing voice, and can even sing in Spanish!  

P.P.S.  um... we have some Canadians.  I suppose I should have disclosed that earlier.  Don't hold it against us.


  • NeclineshNeclinesh Member Posts: 4

    Bumpity bump bump!

    We're still recruiting, and in fact, we're recruiting ALL JOBS to form our second raid team.

    Contact us in game or fill out an app on our web site to join up!


  • NeclineshNeclinesh Member Posts: 4

    We have a new and improved site!

    If you are interested in joining our ranks, please navigate to the Applications thread and reply there.  

    Thank you!


  • NeclineshNeclinesh Member Posts: 4

    Shameless bump!

    <UCS> Is looking for just a couple more players to round out our second Raid team.  A WHM and MNK would be at the top of our wish list, but at this time we're taking everything except tanks!

    Right now we are pushing our Team 2 members individually through the EX Primals and Coil Turn 5.  The goal is to have team 2 starting to hit Coil Turn 6 by the end of the month.  But we need YOU!

    If you are a team player, looking to belong to a small, close-nit FC of good friends who are highly active, then please contact us!


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