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[Column] General: Ten Ways VR Could Make MMOs More Real



  • FensfieldFensfield Member UncommonPosts: 4

    Well, on the not being able to see one's own character..

    Looking in a mirror?  Or, you know, just looking down at oneself?  The perspective from which you see the character you've created and the stuff you acquire just changes, that's all.

    Unless of course we're still stuck with the current generation 'disembodied arms in front of the camera' setup.  Which seems decidedly stupid with a VR setup in the mix.

    Honestly the only issue with character customisation that I can see in this regard is to do with voice.

    Further, why, exactly, does VR gear necessitate first person perspective?  It's a window into your character's world, just like your monitor, and FPS-style games aren't a necessity.  A VR headset could still offer increased immersion just by letting you 'be there' where the camera normally hangs out.  Sure it might be more fun in a lot of cases to play first person, thus.. but still, it isn't like a law or something.
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