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Zealot Gaming - A Gamers Community

LimebearLimebear Member Posts: 3

Zealot Gaming is recruiting new members for our new Loadout Division!


About us:

Zealot Gaming is a community with more than 400+ active members every day and still growing. Zealot Gaming is also a community that not only gives you the possibility to go competitive, but also the opportunity to just play for fun with new friends you meet in Zealot Gaming. We would like to expand and add a new Division to our very large section of games.

When you are a member of Zealot Gaming, you are in no way bound to only play the game of your Division - The game you signed up for. Feel free to jump around the different division channels in Teamspeak and join a game of LoL, Dota or any other games that suit you.


At the moment we're trying to establish ourselves in Loadout. We are actively recruiting people for this new Division. We will host game nights within the clan, giveaway in game currency as prizes and just enjoy ourselves. At the moment our Division is just a start up meaning that we're also looking for fit leaders to lead the new Division.


What we need right now to actually get this Division going is 10 people who are dedicated to helping us establish this as an actual Division. Once we have a Division we can go ahead and get things rolling! Once we establish our Division we'll be doing our best to start a competitive team ASAP! 

Check out our website and forums @



*You have to be 16+. We want to keep the community mature so we accept only people who are 16 or older.

*Willingness to be active on the forums, teamspeak and in the game.

*Having fun when playing! 



- Go to:

- Fill out the registration form

- After that on the forum page you will see reminder that you have to fill out application form, do that

- When filling the application out, choose "Other Game" for your division/main game and in the recruiter field enter [zG]Rales

- After that I or someone else from division staff will contact you and activate you one the teamspeak and forums




You can contact us for more info @:

our teamspeak:


Or via Steam : 


[zG] Chillmax

Steam : NoMercy^


[zG] Limebear

Steam : #LiMEBEAR


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