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9th Ghost Legion (Do You Really Want To Know)

DadewieDadewie Member Posts: 1
photo 9th-banner-2_zpsae2b1be9.gif

9th Ghost Legion is a company of 9th Infantry Gaming
9th Infantry Gaming Est. 1998

9th Infantry Gaming is a multi game community that has been putting boots on the ground for over 15 years. Each game we support has its own leadership concentrated strictly on that game to insure our servers and members have the best gaming experience. At the 9th we keep drama out of our ranks. We offer many fleet options so if you want to be a bounty hunter or a military commander we will work with you to make that happen. At the 9th we encourage competition and do regular fleet tournaments with ship rewards.

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The 9th Ghost Legion along with 9th Infantry Gaming is an established organization with a growing fleet of over 200 ships. If you prove a loyal and competent pilot, a ship will be yours. 

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