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World of Warcraft: Blizzard Raises $1M for Make-A-Wish Foundation



  • Geebus80Geebus80 Member Posts: 92
    WOW 1/14 of their monthly income, how kind of them.........
  • IkonisIkonis Member UncommonPosts: 245
    Originally posted by Geebus80
    WOW 1/14 of their monthly income, how kind of them.........

    How much of your monthly income did you donate?

  • fhnw1988fhnw1988 Member Posts: 64

    many uneducated people here. Pointless to talk about how business and taxes work. There is a good reason why some are leaders where others are sheeps. Guess what. What im saying is: 

    Like many here stated a dozen times, blizzard spends always money for 2 kind of reasons:

    1) keep the playerbase happy- while letting them think they do something good. (wich indeed they do, but wich the false reasons) How many people thought after that- blizzard- thats a good company- probably alot, but also those guys never thought to the end- where the reason lies.

    2) annual taxes are coming and every cent spend will lower their taxes by a huge margin. I dont know how much it is in your countries, but in mine its a lot. All companies do it here. Its common sense when you run a business to spend cash to lower the taxes.


    And i doubt blizzard used alot of ressources to advertize their habit. Normally you write a medial letter and realease it in a plattform. In that plattform all newslatter, newsbringer have acces- like that they distribute it around. Since blizzard is so well known in the world. They dont need to invest thousands of dollars just for those small news. Its actually enough just to write on their homepage the event thats going on.


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