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[US] Lust4Rust |NoCraftC4|Airdrops|Pvp|Sleeper|1/4Craft

RTKBARTKBA Member Posts: 4
Play the game the way it was intended to be played. Tired of the endless shoot, get shot, shoot again servers filled with hackers? Then this is the server for you.
We generously supply you with a decent starter kit to get you on your way. Explore the map; build your base; hunt other players, it’s all available to you.
Daily airdrops at high noon focus PvP action at the drop-site. Armed with Rust++, powered by Magma, Lust4Rust provides hours of lag-free fun.

Some of the mods include:
NoCraftC4(Only get them from air drops)
Accountable Admin(Identifies any admin abuse to the server community)
Boost (Easy in-game command to boost your frame rates)
Death Announcer and Killing Spree (Lets everyone know how Leet you are)
KeepYourStuff (only lose your inventory when you are killed by an environmental effect or as a sleeper)
If you need help or have suggestions on how to improve the gameplay, Lust4Rust has active mature admins ready to help.

Connect to the server:
Hit F1 to bring up the console and then type:

Server Teamspeak:

Server Features:
-100 Slots Hosted in Pheonix
-1/4 Crafting time
-Remove Tool
-Airdrops Every Hour, 2 Players min.

Rules [Bannable Offenses]:
-No Griefing; placing indestructible objects on someone's home
-No Impersonating Other Players.
-No Hacking/Cheating/Using Exploits.

Wipe History:
-25JAN2014: Brand New Start!
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