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SWTOR Looting questions

Having come from games where the Need/Greed system was pretty obvious and self explanatory. However, SWTOR offers some fairly unique circumstances that I haven't been in before. I've recently come across a few situations where I wasn't sure what to do. Obviously, when in doubt, greed, but I want clarification on what people generally are doing.

In Flashpoints. A custom item drops. I am wearing a custom medium armor chest. The drop is a heavy armor chest piece but all the mods in it are usable upgrades for me to put in my own custom piece. Is that Need or Greed?


If a blue item drops and, I can't use it but it's a clear upgrade for my companion. Is that a Need or a Greed?


  • cheyanecheyane Member LegendaryPosts: 8,667

    You can only need things which your character can use in its intact form. Anything like modifications or for companions ask the group before you roll need. I totally cannot stand players who come to a world boss and then roll need on everything when everyone else is rolling greed and its on items they cannot even use. I always alert everyone to the greedy sod immediately .

    But bear in mind many players will let you because they may be rolling in dough and this is their 12th or 22nd character so they don't care what you roll. I also always offer items to the group mate if I notice they are rolling greed on items their companion can use and they are woefully under equipped it will help them get some credits. Players are nice talk to them before you assume they are going to say 'no'

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  • SomeOldBlokeSomeOldBloke Member UncommonPosts: 2,167
    Originally posted by troickt

    As long as my toon or any of its companions can use the item, I roll 'need'.

    I don't care what other players choose tbh. This is just a videogame to me and I don't take it very seriously. You're free to to whatever you want when it comes to loot. It's no big deal.

    and people say society isn't going down the shithole... thank you for proving that the world is not full of greedy self centered people.

  • BadOrbBadOrb Member UncommonPosts: 791

    It's need if you can use the full item on your character , but if it isn't an upgrade then it's greed. Companions greed. The only items where it is a bit foggy are crafting mats , reputation items and those kuat drive things ( forgot their name , the ones you trade in for the aliens type mount and/or pet ). I greed on mats , if I am not maxed in a certain reputation then I need otherwise once Im legend I greed. I usually wait for the first kuat thing to drop and see what the other people roll , some people need some greed.



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  • ImpacthoundImpacthound Member UncommonPosts: 367

    It's a 2014 game with 2006-era loot policies. BioWare lets you roll need on anything because potentially anything can be used by companions. The playerbase can't agree on a single policy for loot, & BioWare has refused to take a hard stance on it or integrate anything into the looting system like a tiered priority(checks your class to validate needing, then companion greed, then general greed) circa WoW 2010.

    As it stands now someone can roll need, you can complain about it in chat and on the forums, and get punished for calling out a loot thief. And when there's an event with a rare drop like the Gree mount, BIoWare considers it OK for the raid leader to switch from rolling to masterloot at the last 10 seconds while it's still alive, ninja the mount. And if you complain at all publicly, you get punished for not being blood-brothers with everyone involved.

    Try discussing it on the official forums and you'll get a huge run-around and everyone will just argue and troll each other. Loot is pretty poorly handled overall and it doesn't encourage the community to behave with one another whatsoever. WoW's personal loot system for teaming with people you don't know like LFR and class-checking in 5-mans makes such a huge difference, games not using these systems seem primitive in comparison. Sorry if anyone's feelings are hurt, but SWTOR players literally devolve into animals as soon as loot drops in instances & BioWare won't do anything to improve it. The only answer you'll get is "get a guild, team only with friends."

  • Fenrir767Fenrir767 Member Posts: 595
    Roll need in item you can use intact for companions greed. If for example you can use the mods and no one else can as in you are the only Jedi Knight that can use the mods roll need.
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