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[Celestial Hills] Solemn Dreams recruiting!

Solemn Dreams is a small guild looking to expand. We have a presence in GW2 as well as FFXIV. 

Our focus is maintaining a drama free and casual atmosphere. We strive to make sure all our members enjoy the game and are comfortable and always have allies to help them. 


We enjoy all aspects of the game, PvE and some PvP. We also have a few members interested in RP so we are open to that as well.


Most of our members are working adults with lives outside of the game, so we understand real life comes first. Out members are free to play the game as they wish however often they wish, no pressure to just play one way or do one thing. 


We are a tightly knit group and work to include every new member and get to know them as well as we know each other. We will make a point to help and get to know each and every member, you won’t be just a number in our total members. And most of all we stay loyal to each other, you’ll always have friends here that have your back. 


Things to know: 

While some members run end game content and strive to be the best players we can, we aren’t elitist, we are more than happy to teach new members and new players all aspects of the game, we all have to learn sometime!


And while we strive to help and teach all our members, we don’t do handouts and won’t hand hold. We are more than happy to help, as long as those we are helping put in the effort.


The guild leadership works hard to maintain a drama free atmosphere. Members must treat each other with respect. If there is a problem that can’t be settled between the two members it needs to be brought to the leader or an officer’s attention before the problem escalates. 


Recruiting all levels and play styles! 

Post here or find me (Seanna.Silver or Aileenn) in game for questions or invites! 

Other contacts: 





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