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'Space Engineers' Sandbox game, best 15 bucks ever spent.

BigdaddyxBigdaddyx Member UncommonPosts: 2,039

First i would like to say that i am a huge fan of Minecraft. I have spent scary amount of hours in that game. However, i am also a SCi-FI nerd and backer for Star Citizen. Sadly right now EVE is the only space sandbox MMO (which i am really burnt out on) so if you are bored of EVE like me you are not left with much options. Well atleats not until now. image

While checking for random games on Steam i came across SPACE ENGINEERS. It is still in alpha but in a very playable state with lots of features. Its like Minecraft but in space. You can build stations, ships, combat, mine etc etc. Based on voxel technology it is a true sandbox in space. (and looks good too).

So for those of you who like space and would love to build your own ships and stations. Check this game out. It has a multiplayer support.


And here is a video of some crazy stuff built by players.


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