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gameplay video - epic game

lalartulalartu Member UncommonPosts: 445

This is an incredible game

I'm gonna record some videos to showcase it, here's the first part

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I review lots of indie games and MMORPGs


  • ReklawReklaw Member UncommonPosts: 6,495

    Thanks for sharing.

    Have to say sorry but I often Lol'd because how you played. Not so much bad or anything, just abit clueless. Think it's a very honost video of the game played by a person new to the game. But think if you put abit more time into the game and then shoot the video it can also be somewhat more informative.

    I wasn't really aware of this game and for a browser game it looks like one I might try. So again thanks!


  • lalartulalartu Member UncommonPosts: 445

    lol thanks for letting me know


    I was kind of doing it on purpose as I usually just jump into the game without much prior knowledge

    there are more parts coming here and they're (will be) a bit more informed.

    Join me on Twitter @WhatDaMath
    I review lots of indie games and MMORPGs

  • Lam3zorLam3zor Member UncommonPosts: 46
    *hops on the bandwagon* TO WAR! WITH BICYCLES!
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