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House Valdyr

ChylerChyler Member Posts: 2

What can one say on this House? A lot actually. I have been apart of this house for a few months now and have to say its the most fun I have had online in a long time. They are all a laid back and  at times crazy bunch. But no matter if we are just sitting silently for minutes on end or having a discussion over how big Paddy's hard drive is, it's never a dull moment.

OneShotPaddy or Paddy, is the HOH of the house. He created this house over 5+ years ago, in a game called Renaissance Kingdoms. This is a game MMO game. From this game the house has branched out over the internet and into other various games.


Dungeons and Dragons

Lord of ages

Currently we are attempting to achieve the task to create the house name in Therian Saga and Achaea. We are hoping to make this list grow over time and to get players from all sorts of different venues of games. Many of the group play a various amount of steam games too, this would take me hours to compile the list.  
Below is the manifesto for what we are seeking, I hope you will take the time to read over it, and consider us as a possibility if you seeking for new avenues.

House Valdyr is a gaming community revolving around teamwork and synergy. We believe that by maintaining an effective and cohesive organization we can unleash the power of our members.The House believes that through consistent excellence we will see ourselves grow without the need for false pretense or copious legislation.
We thrive on fostering an environment for mature gamers to enjoy their leisure time and still be an effective and successful organization. We have over a decade of history across multiple platforms and under various titles. House Valdyr sponsors branches in many genres including first person shooters (FPS's), Simulations, Browser Games and Roleplaying Games(RPG's). With our experience and wide array of material, we hope to become your one-stop-shop for all things gaming.


After reading the above and if you have made it this far, or are interested to know anything else about us, please don't hesitate to contact myself or to visit the site


Community Manager


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