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Question for people who have played a lot of pay to play mmorpgs

My whole life i played F2P mmorpgs. and i know probably 95% of them ever released and atleast tryed 90% of them.


But i have 0 expereince with P2P mmorpgs. I am talking about subscription and stuff.

I am looking for a fantasy game with good pvp, balanced, or close to balanced since balanced never really happens. Pve should just be so it isnt torture to level up, GW2 imo has the best pve i have ever seen. Something like rohan online. I use to love that game, but it sorta died out cuz of the whole pay to win aspect, which was the only thing i hated about that game, which is also why i seek a P2P game because they cant be made pay to win.

Also world of warcraft is out of the question, i do not want to play that. 

And guild wars 1 and guild wars 2, i own both games so i already know about them.


Any other pay to play mmorpg i have likelly never played. So since i know nothing about them, can anyone suggest a Pay to play mmorpgs with the standarts i am looking for or close to. (i strictly also want fantasy, not sci fi like eve online. You know mages, warriors, swords and staffs).


Also does anyone know if there is a site for pay to play mmorpgs like there is for free to play mmorpgs like Mmohuts.com, you may say this very same site, but this is just toooo big for me, with all the free to play ,  2d , shutdown games, etc. It is just to massive for me.


  • PyndaPynda Member UncommonPosts: 855

    Hi, welcome to the site.

    Hmmmm, the line between 'Pay to win/cash shop style' free games and subscription games is getting pretty blurred these days. The latest distasteful wrinkle being the subscription games now also including a pay to win cash shop. I haven't played one of these yet, but I bet I'd have the feeling that I was being milked like a Holstein. It's too bad you missed some of the classic subscription MMORPGs of ten years ago.

    But as to your question, that's tough. The only real subscription MMORPG left anymore that features substantial free content updates is EVE (I've never been a fan of paid expansion packs either, but those started all the way back with Everquest 1). And you said no to that game. Anyway, if you don't mind an oldish game, how about Everquest 2? Although I'm not really sure what the current payment status of it is.

  • VardahothVardahoth Member RarePosts: 1,472
    What you are looking for doesn't exist anymore. Pay to play models can't compete with all the pay to win models out there. I myself am playing a private server of lineage 2 c1 (because retail went f2p/p2w full retard star wars with 99% cheaters). You can play ff14 with no PvP or wow with career PvP and no challenge. Those are your fantasy p2w choices.

    Meanwhile, i'm learning programming so I can develops my own game.

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  • iatesandiatesand Member UncommonPosts: 91

    Try FFXIV


    Its a pay to play 100% full featured MMO. It has all the things that make a MMO good and none of the cash shop crap

  • SephirosoSephiroso Member RarePosts: 2,019
    Originally posted by Mr.SeriousGuy
    Originally posted by iatesand

    Try FFXIV


    Its a pay to play 100% full featured MMO. It has all the things that make a MMO good and none of the cash shop crap

    its a trap !

    FF14 is boring as hell ... if your anything other than a caster . only casters seem the same as you would find in a typical mmorpg and even have some interesting quirks but melee are boring in it . i mean for any one that isnt a caster the game is a glorified chat room . you will wait to do a skill and wait to do it again . 

    the truth is that P2P is dieing out and stuff goes F2P often not so long after it launches . Rift , WoW , Aion and many more had been subscription based games but the only way to keep up now days long term is the F2P model .

    Don't listen to this guy. FFXIV is fine. but you did state you wanted a game with good pvp and "ok" pve, well the pvp in FFXIV sucks so skip on FFXIV. I would say from what i've been hearing, the pvp in ESO is looking to be pretty well done so i'd recommend that. However, they are starting out the gate with a cash shop that's already worse than WoW's by selling a Mount which is a much more major thing in ESO than it usually is in other mmo's from what i'm hearing. So your mileage may vary on ESO.

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  • ClywdClywd Member UncommonPosts: 260
    There are no p2p games anymore, beside eve and ff14. I think this is one of the main reasons why they are so successful.

    I would recommend age of conan to you. It has the polish of a p2p game, good pvp and a fantasy setting.

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  • Ender4Ender4 Member UncommonPosts: 2,247

    WoW and Eve are the only P2P games that aren't just terrible and to be honest at this point WoW is terrible~.

    Having said that your entire premise is wrong. Cash shops exist in P2P games as well. You can be P2W and still be P2P if you want to go with that model. Very few games built to be F2P or B2P are P2W either unless they are like facebook games. The P2W games are mostly games that were too crappy to make it as sub games who went F2P just to try to make some extra cash from their poorly made game.

  • AgonyztAgonyzt Member UncommonPosts: 16
    Originally posted by SwiftXShadow

    Also world of warcraft is out of the question, i do not want to play that. 

    Why is that? Anything you don't like about the game? In my opinion, it's still the best P2P MMORPG out there. HUGE amount of high quality content, plenty of people to play with, runs smooth on most computers, big PvP and PvE communities, lots of information on the Internet, etc.

    Unless you are bored with the game (which is my case, stopped playing in February last year after 8 years) or you really don't like the IP (Warcraft), I don't see why you would not even try it. People like to bash on that game for some reason... probably because they played it for so long and they are trying to find a way to justify why it's time for them to move on, but don't let them put you down. This game was and is still amazing.

    Obviously, to each his own tho! :)

  • MrNoMrNo Member UncommonPosts: 114

    I will prob get shot down for saying this but WoW is a very, very good Sub base game. If you never played WoW try the F2P version first to get your feet wet and see if you like the story line of it and the great exploration that goes real well with PVE also you can try your hand at low lvl pvp after lvl 10 so why not give it a shot anyways and come back and give us a honest opinion.


    Mr. No Knows. ;p



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