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Squal'ZellSqual'Zell Member Posts: 1,803

Hey Guys, I didn't see a recruitment subforum so i guess ill post it here


Insomniacs Anonymous is a small yet growing guild of players, with a bit of a dirty sense of humor, looking for fresh meat shields... I mean... new blood! We typically Hang out in Standard League but some of us attempt the challenge leagues, run HC characters, do the races so technically we’re up for anything really.

Our prime time is usually late night (around 11pm EST), and we have a website and mumble server. We’re a multi-game community, so we don’t JUST play PoE. But we still love the game so much that we made out with the game, took it to prom, and then took it back to our places for cuddles and the snoo-snoo.... uhm... that kind of escalated quickly!

So come join us!

Click here to visit our website!
Message me in-game if you’re interested or apply on the website!


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