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SWTOR: New video showcases housing perks

Also, Guild Capitol Ships coming in August!!!



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  • ImpacthoundImpacthound Member UncommonPosts: 367

    If I was interested in Star Wars housing, the last thing I would want in my living room would be the 20ft golden turd of a hutt statue that's the same as the Nar Shadda lobbies. There are a half dozen other interesting things you could pluck visually from that raid to prove you cleared it than a golden Hutt idol(that likely can't even fit thru your front door!)

    Hopefully they can incentivize the different difficulties with different trophies, so nightmare mode is more meaningful than story mode. That would help justify the half-year gaps in passing off higher modes as 'new content.'

  • ImpacthoundImpacthound Member UncommonPosts: 367
    Originally posted by troick
    You seem extremely worries that Wildstar has some housing competition. Posting on all the Tor housing threads trying to turn it into a negative .  Well again enjoy wildstar.  

    I dislike Hutts and posted a suggestion. You can dislike my tone or post but you can't honestly imply that I shoehorned another game into this thread.

  • Instigator-JonesInstigator-Jones Member UncommonPosts: 530
    I'm confused by the TOR housing. They say you can have a space on multiple planets, does this imply a copy/paste of your "stronghold" or can you populate each with different items collected, and are the items area specific. Honestly, I wish they would just allow customization and trophy collection on your ship. I'm foggy on what they are coming out with, other than it will be time consuming and maybe a little too complicated.
  • ImpacthoundImpacthound Member UncommonPosts: 367
    Originally posted by troick

    Your agenda is to bash Tors housing in hopes people don't stay with Tor and go to wildstar with you .  You have 6 post it's not hard to see a pattern.  Like opening a thread that's been inactive since before you made this account, just to bash the housing. 

    Things that make you go hmm...

    If you care to, search for my name on the official forums and look at my post history there(if you're a subscriber). I signed up for beta and the forums in Oct 2008, on the first day it was revealed and opened to the public & have a user ID in the 4 digit range(3699). Not only am I not bashing housing, I'm not bashing TOR; my posts today have been constructive & coherent discussion instead of the character assassination you seem to be focused on. If you continue to harass with non-constructive replies, I will start reporting your posts for review as non-constructive trolling & derailment.

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