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Cool KO Olympos 21.03.2014 Friday 18:00 [TURKEY SERVER]

coolkocoolko Member Posts: 1

Myko and will offer features SERVER 
* The following features are available in both server.

# Clear and identical to the original MYKO odd lot exp rate. 
# Enriched original quest exp. 
# Live enriched CZ and ZIP filled slots designed as solo and party. 
# Vivacious and market moradondaki. # Delos more active. 
# Original proportions upgrade. 
# Turkish - GMs who know English and Spanish.
# Intense foreign community.
# Squad who recently joined our

- Lunar War
- Border Defence War
- Chaos Stone ( Boss a?ac? )
- Bowl Stone ( Bowl ta?? )
- Servers wars
- Forgotten Temple 
- Castle Siege War
- Kill_GM eventlar?
- Facebook etkinlikleri
- Haftalik NP ile krall?k sistemi
- Ödüllü çe?itli GameMaster larin düzenleyece?i etkinlikler
- Death Match Event
- Hera Scroll 
- %100 orjinal Low/Middle/High Upgrade Sistemi

What else should I know? 

kingoldmyko server bugs of all of the players, guileless, has been designed for playing in an environment lags. 
We strive to do the best for you for many years we have been. CTRL + CTRL key is deactivated in the game are not minor. 
Also glicth, 3 pro?ram party is prohibited. Many people savunsa is in the hands pro?ram Please remember that your chara are your main target. 
We seen our previous server, developed after a lot of char was exposed to the hacking incident. For this reason, the sensitivity of you are asking.

Server Information

Admin TeamSpeak:

Facebook adres:
All this and more in coolkomyko server. Please organize your team and do not miss this grand opening.
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