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[US EAST]>The cRust 3/16 Vanilla/Airdrops/Sleeper/Active admin/PvP/Friendly/No Wipes 208.167.24

kar3lesskar3less Member UncommonPosts: 4



To connect: Press 'F1' and type:


Brand New 100 Slot Server

Launched today (6 PM EST)

Located in New Jersey, NY

Brand new server! Join us, bring your friends or find new ones here (or enemies)!

    The server is Vanilla and moderated at all times to avoid cheating and ban 
    people abusing 3rd party tools.

    Scheduled Airdrops when 5 or more people online triple drops on weekends.

Active Admins - we aim for 24/7 our #1 focus is to create a fun atmosphere and to detect and ban cheaters as soon as possible.

Admins will investigate complaints by shadowing players suspected of using 3rd party programs. We also try to answer all questions about game mechanics, upcoming content, upcoming mods we will implement

No admin abuse. - Goes without saying. We understand game balance and would never tamper with it. we like playing games hardcore.. doing the work.. why ruin our own server? Cheatpunch Enabled!

Mods -Currently we are experimenting with a few mods, but none have been implemented.

I look forward to seeing you guys online, we've been on other servers and were sick of cheaters and that's why we made The cRust come join us!

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