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New to Rust?

AvanahAvanah Member RarePosts: 1,566

Me too...

I found this new server (3-16-2014). That's today so I will start new with a fresh server. :)

It's a US East Vanilla server I believe which means no addons. That's a good thing for new players.

The address is:


PORT: :28016


Which means ingame, once you log into the server selection screen you hit F1, it brings up your console.

Then you just type: "net.connect" (without quotes).

It will connect you to the server. Hope to start my new adventures with friends soon. :)

Edit: Only thing is...I have to play a Male as there are no female

"My Fantasy is having two men at once...

One Cooking and One Cleaning!"


"A good man can make you feel sexy,

strong and able to take on the whole world...

oh sorry...that's does that..."


  • MuGGeMuGGe Member CommonPosts: 3
    i'd like to test this game before i buy it, is there any way to test it first? thanks
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