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Maplestory review

DaemoonDaemoon Member Posts: 2

I have played this game since 2006 and I'd like to share some information about it with you. this is mostly for the new players or for those who wish to know more about this game.


Maplestory is a free to play 2d online game launched in 2005 by Wizet, and then taken over by Nexon in 2007-2008. The game is pretty fun and has a bright graphics which might appear to be childish for some people, but I love them.


There are many, many classes in the game these days compared to the early days of the game.

Demon Avenger: a special resistance class. uses only HP instead of MP and attacks with various close range attacks, based on HP. it can also fly.

Demon slayer: a resistance class. one of the 2 paths the demon can take. uses demon fury to unleash attacks and it can also fly like the demon avenger.

Mercedes: a hero class. it is similar to bowman, but uses dual bows and is generally fast and agile. attacks in far range with high attack.

Phantom: a hero class. it is similar to a thief, it has a unique ability to steal skills from other explorers. has mediocre hp, but is very diverse and unique class.

aran: a hero class. it uses a polearm and combo system to use combo attacks and increase stats.

evan: a hero class. it uses his pet dragon to attack enemis with magic attacks. similar to a magician ,but uses a dragon to attack.

luminous: a hero class. it has dark and light magical attacks and it can focus on one of them to deal better damage.

explorers: thief, magician, pirate, bowman, warrior, cannon shooter, dual blade and jett. all of thes classes are pretty much self explanatory.

angelic buster: a nova class. its pretty cool class that can unlock skills by attacking with regular attacks.

kaiser: a nova class. it is similar to a warrior. it can transform into a powerful man.

there are many more classes but i cant say them all now


maplestory is a fun and simple game and it worth playing if you dont care about the childish graphics.



  • SephirosoSephiroso Member UncommonPosts: 1,388
    Umm..i mean it wasnt a terrible very simplified review of the game but...who -doesn't- know about Maplestory by now? And there's a literal metric ton of information and guides out there already.

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