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Mir Chronicles


8-16-32 bit map support
Chronicles provides you with a wide range of great looking maps, both maps that you know and have loved for year and some brand new fantastic looking 16-bit maps.

Beloved dungeons remade in 16bit
A number of classic hunting areas have been remade in 16-bit and look amazing.

Euro based stats with custom tweaks
The items you all know and love are here to stay with some additional tweaks to help balance the classes.

Lighting system with dynamic casting light
Never before seen in Mir2, dynamic casting light that changes size and/or colour dependent on the skill used.

Building light
Shanda gave us the idea, and we implemented it! Light that is generated from buildings.

New hunting grounds
All caves up to 2.3, as well as additional hunting areas to ensure you are captivated for weeks on end.

New skills
All skills up to 2.3, as well as additional skills that were introduced in Mir USA.

Quest system
Brand new quest system with a modern edge as well as loads of quests for new to advanced players, Cave quests and finally quests we have all known and loved for years, reimplemented into a modern system (Fate Sword, Red Moon Sword etc).

Trust merchant
Brand new trust merchant system with the capability to bid on items as well as buying them for a quick sale.

New harvesting system
Brand new harvesting system to bring in line with other interactive game play (e.g chests/trees).

New and improved Boss AI's
Bosses have not only had their stats tweaked, but in addition new path finding functionality and harder skills/spells to add a new layer of depth to the game.

The Fourth Class - Assassin
The assassin will be available who has been carefully tweaked to ensure that he is balanced with the other classes. All skills to 2.3, as well as additional 16graphics and hums.

The Fifth Class - Archer
The archer will be available for the first time ever on a European server, built in our own light using 16-bit graphics and hums.

Socket/Rune System
Items can drop with additional sockets that can have runes placed inside them to increase their destructive power.

Horse/Tiger/Wolf Mount System
Mounts are available to travel between towns and/or to caves in a faster fashion.

Mir3 Mob Support and Shadow Generation
Along with Mir3 mob support comes shadow generation functionality to ensure that all mobs have a professional look and feel.

Added item warning support
Added items will appear yellow on the floor to provide you with a chance to pick up a potentially awesome item!

Player/Pet Health Bar
The option has been added to have your own health bar and that of your pets visible above you player(s).

Achievement System
Similar to that of PS3 Trophies or Xbox Achievements, receive rewards and status for completely a multitude of different tasks!

Gameshop added
A game shop containing novel items has been added.

Improvements from AceM2
Drops revisited and balanced.
Gold rates lowered.
Overhaul of monsters, including bosses.
Changes to Boss AI's.
New main home town.
Mounts no longer work inside dungeons.
Shops no longer contain 22/26+ items.
Changes to Gem system to add a layer of depth.
Gemming success lowered.
Chance of Socketed item drops lowered.
Chance of added stat item increased.
Chance of Luck lowered.
Changes to minimap to show pets/group members as different colours.
Additional Items/Armours/Weapons.
Stalls Removed.
Trust Merchant Added.
Adjusted refine system.
Much, much more.

Basic Information
Live Date: 02/02/2014


Server Information
Intel Xeon E3-1230 V2 3.3GHz
16GB Ram
100MB Dedicated Line

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