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Downsides of this game, advices for new players.

Hey there all, i've been playing Mighty Quest and loving it so far.It is quite entertaining and fun however newcomers must attend to those facts;

Right now the game is pretty unbalanced.People exploit some aspects of the game (specific castle builds and specific OP minion abuses) which can make you frustrated.

Purchases are too expensive and if you purchase Runaway hero do not expect to progress fast enough.Runaway is pretty Underpowered at the moment.Just wait a couple weeks before you buy it.

If you are a starter, pick the Mage class which is the most OP class in the game right now.Playing other classes will not make you special because the Mage is the only hero which can deal with castle dynamics atm.Otherwise you will be dying a lot and quitting in no time.

The Castle system is pretty unbalanced as i explained above.If you tend to spend time and play this game, just open a Mage, level it to 30 , then start building your castle.The meta and trap dynamics are obnoxious right now and only the Mage (sometimes Archer) can deal with it.


Other than that, i hope and believe the DEV's will listen to their playerbase and change the maddening, punishing meta.Attacking other player's castles are zero fun right now.If they listen to us, this game will be awesome and quite enjoyable, cheesy and entertaining at the same time.



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