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SWTOR Housing Announcement

klash2defklash2def Member EpicPosts: 1,949

So.. its been previewed  that we are getting player housing in SWTOR.. at first I was excited for about TEN seconds thinking of how great SWG was in that department where housing was for players to build and have an economy, but then I quickly realised that much how the player ships are instanced the homes will more than likely also be instanced doing nothing for the game really other than adding more fluff.. Dont get me wrong, I'm all for it..ya know.. bioware/ea trying.. but  I just hope the housing isnt instanced CS fluff.  I hope we can get new things to do with the homes such as new crafting abilities (Droid Mechanic anyone) so we can open our own shops and create somewhat of an economy.. imagine players creating a black market of droid parts, weapons, armor, ETC.. we could use our crafting skills for something that matters for once.. i hope.. but again going off the player ships which are basically player homes.. i think hope is futile. 

( Player Ships still have the escape pod and the intercom both of which have no use )


So MMORPG readers how would you do player housing on SWTOR?

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