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playing economically is the state of the art

HarbourlightHarbourlight Member CommonPosts: 8

Forum member EU_RAZER stated in another thread: "I can't help thinking that the people that are complaining about the game and the HUGE amount of money they say it cost lack the most important tool you need in the game, which is a brain."

This guy is my hero ;-)) In the beginning I installed and deleted Planet Calypso (part of Entropia Universe) because I was too stupid to play it. But it bugged me.... I liked the flora and fauna and the cool looking towns and hubs so much. YouTube was my friend and I learned that way from other experienced players first and than - and only than - hopped back into the game. You constantly have to watch Your supplies so to say. Shoot weaker mobs with a maxed out cheap weapon and cheap munition. Save Your best weapon for cases of emergency only. Walk when You have the time and the landscape is beautiful (and schoot some more mobs) to save oil which runs Your vehicles. I use my vehicle solely  as a getaway-car. Only this way You can play this game for free, otherwise allow for at least 5 - 10 $ per month. The planets of the Entropia Universe have a "real" feel about them. If I have to walk /jog 5 kilometers it takes about 10 minutes. I play Planet Calypso, among other games, on the side and enjoy to develop my character's skills (since there is no "normal" leveling), hunting, gathering and crafting things, decorating my spacy flat and planning for my future little ingame shop/stall. I love to be left alone in this game, to be able to make my own descisions, to be able to fly over to other planets. When I have achieved something I had to work hard for it. This is not "Perfect World"or even "Aion" - games in which You get showered with items and ingame currency solely for killing mobs Your level or lower. Also keep in mind that this is an open PvP game ! ! ! If You want to explore a new spot on the map, please leave expensive gears and gadgets at home. Equip your cheapest and disposable stuff. You may avoid stronger mobs, but You cant avoid stronger players with a taste for easy loot... and they can strip You of almost everything. Each time I am playing Calypso I notice individuals and small groups respawning near the revival-terminal with only their panties on. Instead of putting them back into a gear some players just go afk (because of anger / frustration because of the defeat and loss ?) and leave their naked characters slacking off in public.

I live in Germany where we have long, cold , wet and dark winters (November - March). When I want to relax on a chilly evening and dive into another world: this game is my choice.

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