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Jerrys Kids on Midgard Ywain

SolicfireSolicfire Member UncommonPosts: 484

Hi all

If anyone is in need of a guild on Midgard Ywain then feel free to check out to apply or just contact a member in guild and they will invite you.

We pretty much have just started out on midgard but we are looking for returning, new, casual and hard-core players to join the guild. We do lots of PvE raids and RvR raids such as Master level 10, Summoners Hall, Big 3, picts, glass, xping, 8mans, rvr zergs etc etc..

More details about rules and requirements are on The Order of Chaos web site

Any questions then please let me know


Ozierd on Midgard


  • erinyserinys Member UncommonPosts: 395
    Hia! Im interested for sure.

    Will contact ingame
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