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The Guardians of Peace (21+ EU, casual guild)

The Guardians of Peace (TGOP)

TGOP is a 21+ multi-gaming guild and we are recruiting to expand our member base and to setup our new home in Wildstar

We are a community of mature, fun loving, friendly players based mainly in the EU time zone.

We've had a presence in WoW and SWTOR for many years and have earned a positive reputation and are now focusing on having a good time together across all types of game play, from PvE to PvP along with our casual 20 man raid team on Nexus

We are looking for mature, drama-averse new friends who are keen to help out and be helped to work towards the guild’s goals in a chatty and friendly atmosphere, and who can enjoy a good laugh.

We're physically excited at the thought of filling our openings with like minded people.
The loot hungry, rush-rush types... this isn't the recruitment thread for you

In short,

Mature, Casual , Fun loving , Friendly Relaxed community

Server: TBC. PvE. Dominion side
Very active guild site packed to the brim with chat, (
Mature players (21+).
Primary language: English.
EU time zone.
Casual play style.
Engaging in PvE and PvP.
Busy Mumble server for guild use.
No specified play schedule.

If this all sounds good; we have no level, class or gear requirements, so drop us a line on our recruitment page ( or grab a TGOP member and ask about joining, here's a few names you can look out for:

Grizzhua, Ronky, Evilmuek

You can see more about us on our site:

We look forward to hearing from you.


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