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[Column] Rift: The Long-Term Impact of F2P



  • kitaradkitarad Member EpicPosts: 5,743

    I am wondering when this house of cards is going to collapse. I see whales as they are unflatteringly called stopping their spending and since those who continue to siphon off them will die as without the whales the game income will dwindle I am just wondering when will all this come crashing down. It is true that whales are the only thing keeping these games afloat as the freeloaders who do not spend a dime gleefully come on every forum and loudly declare their triumph of having not spent a cent when the games start dying what will they be playing. We whales who spend our money will always find games but those who want to freeload what will you play .

  • udonudon Member UncommonPosts: 1,803

    The problem with Rift's and in a lot of ways most western F2P MMO's cash shop is they are player friendly.  You don't create long term financial viability by being consumer friendly you make it by creating a arms race of spending between your players and that means things like trading in game currency for real world currency, lock boxes with exclusive items that are rare to create envy for those who spend a lot, the best costumes and mounts in the cash shop priced high and things like the guaranteed crafting improvement success items so people can be as powerful as their credit card limit allows.


    This is the path that F2P leads to and any developers who starts down that path no matter how much they might fight it will end up here sooner or later or with a shutdown game.

  • HarikenHariken Member RarePosts: 2,488
    Originally posted by jmcdermottuk
    Originally posted by Dalanon

    One thing I don't understand about mmo pricing is it's either $15 a month or it's free to play.  Netflix has millions of subscribers because it hits that sweet spot of $7.99 that people are willing to pay and are less likely to cancel "just in case" they want to use the service.  Why can't an mmo launch with just a cheaper subscription than others?

    This is spot on, I've been saying it for years. Bandwidth and hardware costs are so low now compared to 15 years ago that $15 a month is too much. Forbes broke down WoW's revenue a few years back, and taking into account running costs, wages etc you're still looking at an 80% profit margin.

    80 fucking percent!

    Subscription MMO's could easily half their monthly fee and still make a decent profit, while retaining more players, providing the game is well made of course. Nobody is going to pay for a shit game after all.


    We just need someone to not be a greedy bastard and price their sub at a reasonable amount to encourage a new trend in value for money, subscription MMO's. Instead of the "free" to play BS.

    I also have been saying this. But for some reason mmo players refuse to believe this. Back in the 90's yeah but todays mmo hardware can also run itself and is alot smaller.  Its all about taking as much money as they can. 80% profit is nothing to sneeze at. Even if they charged 8 bucks a month they would still make a profit. But these guys are just greedy. 

  • -Zeno--Zeno- Member CommonPosts: 1,298
    How is Rifts bottom line is the real question.  When a game goes F2P they are desperate for money.  If the ship is sinking and F2P doesn't stop it then the game will die.  That's another good thing to scare players away.

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  • TheCrow2kTheCrow2k Member Posts: 953
    Ddo & particularly LOTRO haven't aged well & LOTRO veterans have been treated very poorly. All MMO'S have an expiry date & even though I did enjoy DDO it is basically time for it & LOTRO to shit up shop.
  • Ender4Ender4 Member UncommonPosts: 2,247

    Game is still too expensive even if it is free. The combat and movement are just awful. Kind of a shame because the rest of it is decent for a WoW clone.

  • AeonbladesAeonblades Member Posts: 2,083
    Originally posted by Ender4

    Game is still too expensive even if it is free. The combat and movement are just awful. Kind of a shame because the rest of it is decent for a WoW clone.

    It's a shame you feel that way honestly, I felt that the combat and movement was just as responsive as WoW if not better. To each their own though :)

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  • OzmodanOzmodan Member EpicPosts: 9,696
    Originally posted by Mischiff

    I still get on and play RIFT, i like it a lot, has many things i like doing , from BG's to questing, dungeons .. fishing .. i dont get bored .. ESO might drag me away though... least for longer periods of time... if i like the PVP.

    I left LOTRO after they went free to play .. i had a level 60 minstrel and 46 Lore-Master .. but i wasnt going to PAY to do quest in zones .. quest that i had already started on and picked up, i had to now pay to finish them or to do them entirely and that just turned me right off from the game.   IMHO its one of the worst F2P models out there ... period !

    I like Rift and still play it.  I have not subbed in a while though, don't have the time to justify playing it that much.

    As to the comment about Lotro, it was hilarious.  I have all expansions and quest areas, all storage, multiple mounts, etc and I think I have subbed a couple times.  Doubt I have spent more than $45 on the game.  Spent much much more on Rift.  So much for a bad f2p model in Lotro.  I do like Rift's model too though.

  • KnotwoodKnotwood Member CommonPosts: 1,103
    I think f2p sealed its fate.  Once you go from selling new features added to game and rich content to storylines and focus only on making items and new ways to sell things in your cash shop, you've literally killed your game.   Free to play crowd is becoming ever so more demanding of a game in the way of trying to get things for free that eventually the money will dry up when the past sub customers stop buying store items and leave the game from lack of content and just plain bordem of no new features.    Look at all those SOE Games that just had to shut down because no ne content offered and all free to play.
  • fanglofanglo Member UncommonPosts: 314

    I have no need to pay for anything in the cash shop. All I do is log on to do WF's. Now you might be thinking, "you need to buy some pvp stuff in the shop to stay competative" well the beauty is that I'll never get max pvp rank. I'm sitting at rank 61 and as long as I level up slowly, which I'm trying to do, it will be a long time before gear matters.


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