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Sevencore Is Back Up

PhelimReaghPhelimReagh Member UncommonPosts: 680

In fact, Sevencore was re-released by it's developers (Ignited Games) by publishing the game themselves (gPotato were the previous publishers) many months ago ( ). You can find it here:

I also found the game to be fun, a fairy standard MMO, though the focus on mounts is interesting. You can do pretty much anything while mounted (even combat and harvesting gathering nodes), as long as you have the right mount for the task. The population isn't exactly bursting, which I find odd given how fun and stable Sevencore is. I never saw any reason to buy anything from the store (in fact, I don't remember even seeing a cash shop, it is supposedly in development as well during the current beta period).

One thing I love is the ease of movement and action. I can be harvesting a gathering node (while mounted), and if I see another node in the distance, I can simply right click on the node, and my mount takes me to the node and harvests it. After years of click heavy games of mounting/dismounting, etc., I love the convenience this game offers. The same goes for combat. I can be fighting something, and as soon as I'm done with it, I can right click another mob and it runs over and initates combat (or gets close enough for a ranged attack if that's the ability that was used), or if I'd clicked on  node, my toon will run over nd harvest. I really love all the tedium they removed from the game.

At the very least, the game is worth checking out.

The Negatives:

How it will be once the cash shop comes in, I don't know, but at the moment, it's very fun. gPotato supposedly really screwed the game up with the cash shop implementation (which is standard for gPotato in all of their games), but the developers seem ready to make sure they won't make those same mistakes.

The game is supposed to have 200 levels. As such, there's no way to escape the word "grind". I will say though, I didn't mind it too terribly. That may be different later in the game (there is already a bit of lack of quests), but starting out the leveling isn't too bad (though admittedly slower than standard MMOs, where the first 5-10 levels might take 10 minutes in total).

Grouping is also very important in the game. There are boss-type characters and quest objectives that are almost impossible to do alone. That may turn off some, though the community in-game so far are eager to help new players take on those challenges.

Class balance. Some folks point out that the heavier armored class (Warriors) have a much easier time due to their high defense levels. However, I have found the medium armored character (the Rangers) to be a great mix of ranged power and durability. I concede that the Mage is very fragile, but it also has tremendous offensive firepower. Given that grouping is recommended, this would make sense. Soloing a mage, however, is quite tough.

If I wasn't already spread too thin across too many games, I'm pretty sure that Sevencore would suck me in.

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