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Malum Factum | Mature Adult Community in 11th yr.| PC / AD | PvE /PvP

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Quick Tidbits:


Links: Our Website | Our Forums | Apply today!

Who we are: Malum Factum. 

What we are: All adult gaming community in our 11th year!  21 years and older only.

Our platform: PC

Our Faction: AD

Our region: North American (US/Canada time zones)

Our VoiP: Mumble


Who is Malum Factum?


Malum Factum is an all adult gaming community founded in 2003 by adult gamers for adult gamers. We are a community of like minded adults that all share the same passion, PC gaming. We pride ourselves on being a well established, drama free gaming community that is very well respected throughout the online gaming world. We have a wonderful, diverse crowd amongst our ranks, with players from all across the globe ranging in ages from 21 to 65. We strongly believe in a family first atmosphere here, and it has proven throughout the years to produce and promote success. Malum Factum takes a lot of pride in our gaming, so if you desire a well established, well respected gaming community to call home, then look no further!


What kind of folks are we recruiting?


Malum Factum is actively recruiting adult gamers that are looking for a place to call home. We are not a fly by night guild, but instead a community that will be there for this game and all future games as well. We seek mature adult gamers that come from all walks of life. This includes hard core players with hours a day to game, casual players with only a few hours a week, and everyone in between. We understand being an adult comes with a price, and that price is usually your free time. MF is seeking gamers that embrace a team first mentality, and come prepared each time they log in to tackle the challenges at hand. We are extremely competitive players, but understand this is a hobby and will be looking to add members to our roster that can excel at the highest levels while still finding a way to keep it fun and enjoyable.


Final Tidbits:


What you can expect from us:

§  A very well oiled guild with over a decade of experience amongst our membership.

§  A place to call home for all your gaming needs for years to come.

§  Planned events in both PvE and PvP each week.

§  Competitive play and effort from your MF family each time you log in.

§  We are a sponsored gaming community, so our mumble (VoiP) and website will always be up for convenience and coordination

§  A quality, drama free environment of mature gamers that understand life commitments and obligations (your free time)

§  Never a zerg guild. We screen all applicants carefully to ensure the MF way is preserved through each and every game we play!


What we expect from you:

§  Drama free attitude (please leave your bad day out of the game and VoiP)

§  Be a team player

§  Treat your guild mates with respect

§  Log in ready to go on designated raid nights

§  Be an active member of the community and get to know your guild mates

§  Have fun! This is a game and hobby. Treat it as such and love every minute of it!


Sound like a place you would love to be a part of? 

Great! Just head on over to our site and apply today! We take a ton of pride in our gaming and hope we can offer you something that you have been seeking for a long time. If you have any questions, just post in this thread and we will reply ASAP. Otherwise, we hope to be recruiting you soon!


  • WaldoeWaldoe Member UncommonPosts: 642
    Still looking for a few more. West coast is a plus!
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