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New post problem

FitchFitch Member Posts: 92

Before I posted to the bug forum I wanted to see if it's maybe something on my end, but I have noticed that the icons do not change properly notifying of new posts. I will look at a thread read all the posts and then click on the forum name (not just Back) and it still shows as having unread posts. Normally not a big deal but when there is a plentiful number of threads with unread posts sometimes I get lost and end up reading the same threads twice. Has anyone else noticed this?

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  • MalamenzMalamenz Member Posts: 115

    actually, I'm having this problem too, I have threads were the last post was roughly a month ago, I've read numerous times but is still marked as a new post.

    edit: just checked, I have one from 4/25/05 that is still marked as a new post even though i have read it quite a few times

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